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Dev Team Diversity #Realtalk - Custom Web & Mobile Development Company | DevMynd
Good post on hiring a diverse team at a small company. tl;dr build your network, hire juniors then hire a mid/senior level person
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february 2018 by fortythieves
I Am a Technical Lead, but Am I a Manager? - Jeff Carouth
To me, a technical lead is someone who has a solid background as a developer, and has demonstrated an ability to effectively communicate not only with other engineers but also with product managers, stakeholders, designers, markerters, and anyone else who might have a need to express relevant ideas to a team of developers. Some of the things a good technical lead will do are:

develop, update, and advocate for the technical direction of a product or part of an application;
encourage healthy debate between team members and facilitate the decision making process;
take on distractions to allow the rest of the team to work more effectively;
see and find work arounds for challenges the team will face in advance; and
delegate responsibility for areas of the codebase or project to capable and appropriate team members.
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march 2017 by dirtystylus
Do we need a Tech Lead? |
I admire teams who say they don’t have a Tech Lead and software is still effectively delivered. They have successfully distributed the Tech Lead responsibilities or established processes to mitigate the need for the role. It does not necessarily mean the role itself is useless. The Tech Lead role is just that – just a role. Instead of focusing on whether or not the role should or should not exist, it is better to focus on ensuring all Tech Lead responsibilities are met.
teambuilding  seniordev  management  devmanagement  hiring 
march 2017 by dirtystylus

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