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Want to Debug Latency? – Observability+ – Medium
In the recent decade, our systems got complex. Our average production environments consist of many different services (many microservices, storage systems and more) with different deployment and…
go  golang  latency  distributed  observability  debug  article  important  devops  debugging  metrics  tracing 
45 minutes ago by vonc
Escalator - Batch or job optimized horizontal autoscaler for Kubernetes
A batch or job optimized horizontal autoscaler for Kubernetes by Atlassian.

It is designed for large batch or job based workloads that cannot be force-drained and moved when the cluster needs to scale down - Escalator will ensure pods have been completed on nodes before terminating them. It is also optimised for scaling up the cluster as fast as possible to ensure pods are not left in a pending state.
Kubernetes  clustering  automation  opensource  tools  devops 
yesterday by liqweed
Open Policy Agent
Policy-based control for cloud native environments
open  policy  agent  devops  cloud  authorization  engine  programming  library  sidecar  kubernetes 
yesterday by vicchow

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