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Mistakes You Apparently Just Have to Make Yourself – Hacker Noon
Boy do I love the term non-transferable knowledge.

Over the years I’ve been collecting examples of what I can only describe as non-transferable knowledge. These are all definitely huge mistakes, but no amount of counseling or thought leadership is sufficient to wave people away from them. You have to touch these stoves before you’ll believe that they’re hot.
programming  sysadmin  devops  culture  mentorship  humor 
2 hours ago by jefframnani
You Can’t Have a Rollback Button – Skyliner
The rollback button is a lie. There’s more state to any system than what’s in the source code. The environment will get you every time.

The fundamental problem with rolling back to an old version is that web applications are not self-contained, and therefore they do not have versions. They have a current state. The state consists of the application code and everything that it interacts with. Databases, caches, browsers, and concurrently-running copies of itself.
deployment  devops 
2 hours ago by jefframnani
Apache Guacamole (tm)
Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH.

We call it clientless because no plugins or client software are required.

Thanks to HTML5, once Guacamole is installed on a server, all you need to access your desktops is a web browser.
cloud  computing  ssh  vpn  sysadmin  devops 
3 hours ago by dusko - software hosting for hackers is a network of useful open source tools for software project maintainers and collaborators, including git repos, bug tracking, continuous integration, and mailing lists.
development  hosting  git  opensource  devops  continuous-integration  IFTTT  open-source  (popular  bookmarks) 
13 hours ago by speckz - software hosting for hackers
Welcome to! This is the open source software suite for managing your software development projects that you've been waiting for. Managed instances of our services are provided here for your convenience.
work  devops 
14 hours ago by bfulop
A Guide to Service Level Objectives, Part 3: Quantifying Your SLOs – Circonus
What really matters to the business is the number of requests that failed to meet our SLO, not just the percentage.
devops  metrics  slo  monitoring  sre 
22 hours ago by webframp
DevOps BootCamp - OSU DevOps BootCamp 0.0.1 documentation
DevOps BootCamp (DOBC) is a free course hosted by the OSU Open Source Lab. The course is dedicated to teaching core software development and systems operation skills to passionate OSU students and community members.

DOBC is always 100% free for in-person and online students.
23 hours ago by dusko

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