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The Complete Solution for Building, Managing and Operating Serverless Applications | Stackery
Fast-growing companies use AWS Lambda to build architecture with limitless scalability. Stackery is the way teams build and manage serverless infrastructure quickly.
devtools  serverless  environments  devops 
yesterday by bradendouglass
YSlow - Official Open Source Project Website
Grades web page based on one of three predefined ruleset or a user-defined ruleset;
It offers suggestions for improving the page's performance;
Summarizes the page's components;
Displays statistics about the page;
Provides tools for performance analysis, including™ and JSLint.
webdev  webapps  devtools  performance  optimization 
7 days ago by Rard
JSHint, a JavaScript Code Quality Tool
// This is JSHint, a tool that helps to detect errors and potential
// problems in your JavaScript code.
webdev  devtools  Javascript  qa 
7 days ago by Rard
CSS3 Generator
Generate CSS3 features interactively
webdev  devtools  css  webdesign 
7 days ago by Rard
CSS GEARS - Gradients Cards
Create CSS gradients interactively.
webdev  css  webdesign  webapps  color  devtools 
7 days ago by Rard
Box Model Interactive
Adjust the sliders to see how the box changes and generates the necessary code.
devtools  webapps  css  webdesign  webdev 
7 days ago by Rard
Blindtext HTML Snippets für Webdesigner
Creates HTML text snippets for web sites during the development process.
webdev  devtools  html 
7 days ago by Rard
firebug - Access variables in jsFiddle from Javascript console? - Stack Overflow |
With Firefox (34+) and the new Firefox Developer Edition, it's possibile to do the same by enabling the Select a frame as the currently targeted document extra tool into the developer tools, then click on it and select
jsfiddle  webdevel  console  devtools  jquery  solution 
10 days ago by kme
sublimetext - Sublime Text 3 how to change the font size of the file sidebar? - Stack Overflow
고해상도 모니터에서 서브라임의 폰트가 너무 작다고 느껴질 때 유용한 해결법이다.
sublime  developer  devtools  recommended 
17 days ago by andromedarabbit

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