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From the Garden of the Château - Charles Demuth | FAMSF Search the Collections
From the Garden of the Château by Charles Demuth 1921 (reworked 1925). A work from the collections of the de Young and Legion of Honor museums of San Francisco, CA.
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10 weeks ago by lenards
Ruth Asawa: Visual Arts (Sculpture) | PBS LearningMedia
"Watch Ruth Asawa as she and her family assemble an expansive retrospective of her wire sculpture work for the reopening of Golden Gate Park's de Young Museum in October 2005. In preparation for this exhibition, Asawa's daughter, Aiko Cuneo, has been busily collecting her mother's work as well as selecting a variety of drawings and preparatory works. Original air date: May 2005."
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may 2019 by robertogreco
Jay Owens en Instagram: “Book 11 completed of 2016 is a guidebook, and I wouldn't normally count these in the year's reading tally except this one's Atlas Obscura…”
""hautepop: Book 11 completed of 2016 is a guidebook, and I wouldn't normally count these in the year's reading tally except this one's Atlas Obscura good. 111 one-page stories about the city's buildings, history & development - from the stones from a C12th Spanish monastery that lie, "like quiet odes to Ozymandias", in the Golden Gate Park arboretum, to the first European settlement of the city at Mission Dolores, and the graves of the Miwok & Ohlone people they enslaved. The Grace Cathedral labyrinths, the parrots on Telegraph Hill, the Tenderloin National Forest.

This series - from a German publisher - covers a number of Western European cities, Istanbul and NY. Worth checking out.

Background: spoils of the Christopher Kane menswear/tees sample sale I stumbled upon on Friday.

I saw... #8 the Armory, #13 Bay Lights, #37 Fog Bridge at the Exploratorium, #40 Frank Lloyd Wright Building, #47 the green roof of the Academy of Sciences, Renzo Piano, #55 Interval at the Long Now, #63 the Malloch Building, #75 de Young Museum, Herzog & de Meuron (but not up the observation tower), #79 Telegraph Hill (but not parrots), #110 Wave Organ. Evidently need to go back...

zerosociety: "...from the stones from a C12th Spanish monastery that lie..." There's a second location where stones form that monastery can be found -- the semi-hidden "Monarch Bear Grove." The grove stands on the spot where the old Monarch bear enclosure once stood, not too far from the AIDS Memorial Grove. It's not as hidden as it was even a few years ago thanks to park construction, but it's been a sacred site for Bay Area Druids and Pagans, allegedly going back to the 40's.""
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may 2017 by robertogreco
De Young | KQED Truly CA - YouTube
"The experimental documentary de Young is a portrait of the museum's building in San Francisco. Focusing on the art contained within the grounds as well as the interaction between visitors and the architecture, this film was created by Peter Max Lawrence while working as an artist-in-residence under Ian McDonald during April 2007.

The music for this film was composed by pianist David Moore, who has released four albums to date: two for solo piano and two with his ensemble Bing & Ruth. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

A film by Peter Max Lawrence."
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july 2016 by robertogreco
Sleeping Bags
Winners of multiple awards, Sierra Designs sleeping bags have been completed redesigned to be more comfortable & intuitive than traditional mummy bags.
august 2015 by pitchblk
Our National Pastime
Going with boys who spit and chew and adjust themselves, too. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Also: Go Sox!
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march 2014 by tohuvabohu
No whiners
Just about the worst: leaders who whine. A call to buckle up by
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june 2013 by tohuvabohu
Our National Pastime
“You don’t have to like our national pastime. But you should.” ~ Also, Go Sox!
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april 2013 by tohuvabohu

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