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Beautiful hand-drawn block diagrams from plain text
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yesterday by nico.ash
Well, this is just silly :)
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yesterday by habi
Choregraphie (1701) | The Public Domain Review
First published in 1700, this manual details a dance notation system invented by Raoul-Auger Feuillet which revolutionised the dance world. The system indicates the placement of the feet and six basic leg movements: plié, releveé, sauté, cabriole, tombé, and glissé. Changes of body direction and numerous ornamentations of the legs and arms are also part of the system which is based on tract drawings that trace the pattern of the dance. Additionally, bar lines in the dance score correspond to bar lines in the music score. Signs written on the right or left hand side of the tract indicate the steps. Voltaire ranked the invention as one of the “achievements of his day” and Denis Diderot devoted ten pages to the subject in his Encylopdédie. The book was translated into English by John Weaver in 1706 under the title Orchesography. Or the Art of Dancing.
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5 days ago by rybesh
Mappings for choose your own adventure books
Every now and then there’s a visual exploration of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. It seems that each gets a bit more complex, so I appreciate the simplicity of these official maps from Chooseco, which shows the structure of each book.
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6 days ago by terry
Vexlio - Instantly Create Precise, Beautiful Diagrams
Draw faster with powerful auto-snap and intelligent tools. Export to high-quality PDF and SVG.
No subscription. No monthly payments.

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9 days ago by wjy

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