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a new, over-egged version of the Devil's Dictionary
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5 days ago by luke_in_flames
Latin Dictionary’s Journey: A to Zythum in 125 Years (and Counting) - The New York Times
Latin Dictionary’s Journey: A to Zythum in 125 Years (and Counting)
Researchers in Germany have been working on the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae since the 1890s. They hope to finish in 2050, but that might be optimistic.
Annalisa Quinn. NYTimes. November 30, 2019

The first entry, for the letter A, was published in 1900. The T.L.L. is expected to reach its final word — “zythum,” an Egyptian beer — by 2050. A scholarly project of painstaking exactness and glacial speed, it has so far produced 18 volumes of huge pages with tiny text, the collective work of nearly 400 scholars, many of them long since dead. The letters Q and N were set aside, because they begin too many difficult words, so researchers will have to go back and work on those, too.
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11 days ago by asfaltics
Slang for inept (Related Terms) - Urban Thesaurus
Well, this is kinda neat! Basically, it looks to be an Urban Dictionary lookup where you can search for an ordinary word, and it'll return matches for slang that align with that.
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7 weeks ago by handcoding
Dictionary of the Scots Language
DSL brings together the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language:

Modern Scots (1700 onwards)
in The Scottish National Dictionary (SND)

Older Scots (12th century - 1700)
in A Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST)
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11 weeks ago by blissthisway
Good Vinyl
Alles, was irgendwie mit Schallplatten, der Wiedergabe (z.B. Plattenspieler) und dem Sammeln von Schallplatten zu tun hat: ein Schallplatten-Lexikon, Übersichten (z.B. über die gängigsten Bewertungssysteme), Pflege- und Reinigungshinweise, besondere HiFi-Technik, Plattenspieler-Beschreibungen, private Kauf-/Tausch-Angebote, interessante Links (z.B. zu Schallplatten-Literatur wie z.B. Lexika, Magazine und Bücher), Links zu ausgewählten Videos, vinyle News, Musik-Infos etc.
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11 weeks ago by navegador
Middle English Dictionary
On March 13, 2019, we began redirecting all search traffic for the Middle English Dictionary and HyperBibliography to the new site. Because of a misunderstanding, we unfortunately did this without announcing the change first. We apologize for the confusion this must have caused.
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12 weeks ago by wardell

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