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Understanding the business questions that attribution analysis can help answer – Econsultancy
Reasonable discussion of business questions to ask for attribution analysis, and some descriptions of the corresponding analytics
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9 hours ago by pciszewski
B2B Product Managers vs. B2C Product Managers
B2C and B2B product managers share the same language, but each domain is slightly different. Read on to learn where they overlap and what sets them apart.
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17 hours ago by lightningdb
Executive Misalignment: The #1 Threat to your ERP Implementation
"Executives are placed in leadership roles because they have “been there” and “done that”. This includes ERP implementation in most cases. If an executive leader has had a bad experience in any way, they will carry bias against technology products or firms, or will bring a heavy load of negative energy. If they have had a good experience, they will assume it will all go without a hitch, without realizing they may have been one of the lucky ones. The worst cases we have seen is where a leader makes a sole decision to purchase a technology platform simply because it worked in their previous organization."
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23 hours ago by jonerp
In the era, tax, trade and competition rules need an upgrade via

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yesterday by schee
Tech giants shift profits to avoid taxes. There’s a plan to stop them • The New York Times
Jim Tankersley:
<p>[Last] Wednesday’s release brought an <a href="">18-page framework plan</a> [from the OECD] that officials hope will form the basis of an international agreement on digital taxation as early as next year. That framework would fundamentally alter how and where companies that operated across national borders were taxed, though it leaves the details of those tax rates to future negotiators. It suggests new rules on where companies should pay taxes — largely based on where their sales occur — and on which profits are subject to taxation.

“In a digital age, the allocation of taxing rights can no longer be exclusively circumscribed by reference to physical presence,” the framework states. “The current rules dating back to the 1920s are no longer sufficient to ensure a fair allocation of taxing rights in an increasingly globalized world.”

The framework applies only to multinationals with annual revenues of about $825 million or higher. It excludes manufacturing suppliers and resource extraction companies, like oil companies.

As it stands, the framework appears to be a victory for large, consumption-heavy countries like the United States, China and much of Western Europe, and a loss for so-called tax havens, like Ireland. Advancing the negotiating process is a win for large multinationals, even though a final deal could put them on the hook to pay more in taxes, because the alternative appears to be a series of country-by-country digital taxes that could be expensive to comply with.

“Amazon welcomes the publication of these proposals by the OECD, which are an important step forward,” a spokeswoman said Wednesday in an email.</p>
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yesterday by charlesarthur
The 2018 of the Lab (, University of ) - edited by Carl Öhman and D…
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2 days ago by csabatino
Ruth Ng
Software Engineer | Growth Hacker | Digital Marketer
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2 days ago by gdw
Überwachung: Wir sind alle Cyborgs
»Unsere vernetzten Alltagsgegenstände sind die Erweiterung unserer Persönlichkeit. Deshalb dürfen wir nicht zulassen, dass unsere persönlichen Daten abgegriffen werden.«
–Aral Balkan
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2 days ago by guerrillaz
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