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How big is a drop? - Tisserand Institute
How big is a drop of essential oil? And how many drops are there in 1ml? When calculating percentages, this is important to know!
aromatherapy  dilution 
march 2019 by ingekuijper
Employee Equity: Dilution – AVC
An easy-to-follow post walking you through an example of how a company’s equity is diluted over time.
equity  finance  dilution 
february 2018 by irace
Sprinting From Google — True North
"In 2016 a design partner from Google Ventures (GV), Jake Knapp, released a book called Sprint. The book introduced the idea of Design Sprints, a concept that had existed within Google for several years and was a mainstay in the toolset employed by GV with their portfolio of companies.

The beauty of Jake’s book is that it is very specific, there is even a 15-page checklist for when you are running your own Design Sprints. This however did not stop a swathe of folks from appropriating the name, but not the core ideas. What this in turn meant is that acts were being committed under the name of Design Sprint but were not even remotely close to what Jake describes in Sprint.

In this episode we dive into what Design Sprints really are, address their detractors and we visit the enterprise giant, Aus Post, where they ran 4 sprints in 5 weeks."
jakeknapp  2017  design  designsprints  2016  language  words  appropriation  dilution  howwework  simplification  trendiness  fads  jargon 
july 2017 by robertogreco
There has probably been more capital looking to invest in private technology companies in the past five years than any five-year period before.
Sam_Altman  Dilution  startup_information  Business  venture_capital  Y_Combinator_Blog  Y_Combinator 
march 2017 by GameGamer43

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