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RT : We saved software development and sharing from the ... that should never have concerned s…
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april 2019 by sfermigier
Add Material Ripples to Your Vue.js Components ←
Some people like material ripples. Add them to your Vue.js components with vue-ripple-directive.
vue  vuejs  directive  ripple 
february 2019 by cajazzer
Redirects with HTTPS - DNSimple Blog
Understanding how to properly configure redirects with HTTP and HTTPS sites.
http  ssl  nginx  directive 
february 2019 by ianweatherhogg
Europe CCS required public caveat - The Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulations 2017
See especially the definition of public in the main part "Interpretation" 2(2) and the Schedule 2(2) which requires DC rapid chargers to include CCS.

> The EU legislation is interpreted differently across europe when written into local law. The Germans for instance are said to not have the single make exemption - no real surprise there
EV  tesla  ccs  charging  EU  directive  legal 
january 2019 by fbotha

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