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Is There A Revolution Brewing In Puerto Rico? | Foreign Correspondent - YouTube
"You guys are making it seem like all the children in Puerto Rico need to be well-versed in technology. And that is not the case. What they need to be well-versed in is agriculture."

[tech bro] "All all these people have such good intentions, but you don't know that yet, and I am not asking you to trust them ... they have such good intentions, and they are going to make something beautiful happen, and you are going to be a part of it, whether you like it or not [sic]."

"You guys didn't have any interest in Puerto Rico till the tax breaks came"
blockchain  entrepreneurship  puertorico  disaster  technology  dweb  video 
5 days ago by gohai
Teaching Trauma Journalism
This site is dedicated to providing educators the resources and materials needed to implement a trauma journalism course or unit at his or her institution.
trauma  disaster  shootings  mass 
9 days ago by reginajmc

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