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The Titanic Was On Fire For Days Before The Iceberg Hit
I’m sure you know the story of the Titanic — the massive luxury liner deemed as the unsinkable ship. At the time of its completion, the Titanic is the largest man-made moving object on earth. The…
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9 hours ago by pozorvlak
Remembering the Lockerbie disaster
(This is the first news item that I remember seeing as a kid. Still horrifying.)
aircraft  Scotland  disaster  history 
3 days ago by swampers
How Alaska fixed its earthquake-shattered roads in just days - The Verge
A need for speed
Shaking from the large earthquake that shuddered through Anchorage, Alaska last week was strong enough to turn smooth asphalt roads into broken, jagged depressions of rubble. But within just a few days, crews managed to repair the worst of the damage, unsnarling traffic in Alaska’s largest city.
Anchorage has a population of nearly 300,000 people spread across more than 1,900 square miles — an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. That space is threaded by roads, asphalt lifelines of the population. When the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck last week, some of the most visceral images showed roads that had broken apart. But within days, many of these same cracked highways had been smoothed back into ribbons of pavement by crews working around the clock.
The rapid response to damage in Anchorage shows how investing time and money into preparations for these kinds of large, infrastructure-hobbling events can pay off in the long-run, even when there’s no way to tell when or where disaster may strike.
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4 days ago by rgl7194

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