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Why & How To Use Forums | Howard Rheingold on Patreon
One of Facebook's most grievous sins is the way Facebook groups have killed or severely dampened the art of the online forum among most of the online population. Many special interest groups, from fan communities to political organizers, use forums. But it appears that the vast majority of social media users have been bamboozled into thinking that a Facebook group is the best way for groups to communicate over time online.
A forum, also known as a message board, bbs,  or conferencing system, affords asynchronous, many-to-many, multimedia  discussions for large groups of people over long periods of time from weeks to decades. That means  that people can read and write their parts of the discussion on their own schedule, that everyone in a group can communicate with everyone  else, and that graphics, sounds, and videos can accompany text. This  particular form of conversational medium meets the need for organizing  discussions after they reach a certain level of complexity. If twenty  people want to discuss five subjects over ten days, and each person  makes one comment on each subject every day, that makes for one thousand  messages in each participant's mailbox. On lists, when the topic  drifts, the subject line usually does not change, so it makes it  difficult to find particular discussions later.
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yesterday by cogdog
Fully automated installation/configuration of JIRA
I'm using Ansible to create a fully automated instance of JIRA. The main use-case is that it will allow us to test changes, upgrades, etc. on a test
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5 days ago by po
This amazing race condition is the best commit msg you'll read today.
Where I reply as to why centralized counting/locking is less good than ObjectIds. And how they're meant to be calculated by the application workers themselves, not a centralized DB back-end.
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5 days ago by amcgregor

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