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What exactly is Retopo?
"You'll see the Million-poly Zbrush models have been retopologized to low-poly frames and the details projected to a normal map. The limit for the challenge was 12,000 triangle polygons. This process can be done using several other softwares, the most common being Blender (because it's free). Zbrush can do it, 3DCoat, has a nice Auto Retopo function, There's a software called Topogun, which was build just for this purpose, and I posted a series of vids here on using Wings3d to do it."
" Understand, your games are figuring for score, camera position, enemy movement, etc. It can't animate a "million vertices". Not at 20+ FPS. So we project our details from our High-poly model to our Low-poly model. One the computer can animate. This is where another topic comes into play. Edgeflow. Although the end product is always triangles, most animators prefer Quads for retopo. Parts such as Knees and elbows are expected to bend and so the mesh must stretch like skin, and poorly placed UV-map seams will Show through when animating, so we must get involved in the UV-mapping process and do our best to hide the seams. More organized meshes (quad meshes) with selectable edgeloops and enough geometry in these areas can help with this task. Then we must "Bake" our details (color maps and bump maps) from our High-poly model to our low-poly textures. Blender, Zbrush, and there another called XNormal that can do this. "
"My personal take on the use of Sculptris for game modeling, is to use Quad meshes built in wing3d or Blender from the start, turn off Detail (Dynamic Tesselation) and just use the sculpting tools to shape the mesh I have. Then when I'm happy with my silhouette, I take the model back to Wing3d to UV-map, then come back to Sculptris to Paint. Since Sculptris allows me to paint to my Normal map, there's no need to "bake". And since I'm already using a low-poly quad model. There's no need to "retopo". Of course this means planning in the modeling process, which is the "old School" way, and pretty much ignores the "Free Creation" which Sculptris was meant for. "
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5 days ago by mechazoidal
What is retopology, and how do you do it with ZBrush? | Quora
" is re-building an existing mesh with (more or less) the same volume and shape but with a different mesh layout. Especially when working in a sculpting program like Zbrush, the underlying 'grain' of the mesh matters a lot for the quality of the result: you want the edges in the mesh to flow as much as possible with the contours of the mesh. You also want to control the density of the subdivisions so you have more edges where you need detail or special animation deformations, and fewer edges in simpler areas. Retopology is also a good way to simplify and clean up noisy data, such as 3d scans."
"Most sculptors find that they iteratively re-build the mesh as they sculpt -- they'll work for a while, look for problems, and then re-flow the topology around a problem area as they hit problems or add more details. Until quite recently this was a pretty big pain in the butt, since you're basically put re-modeling the mesh on the fly. However modern tools have made it much less of a problem. "
(in case you thought most of the well-poly'd wireframes you see were the result of an expert box-modeler, rather than sculpting it and converting the mesh)
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5 days ago by mechazoidal
History of python in CG - Tech-Artists.Org
Lots of good history, even some old hands weigh in!
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5 days ago by mechazoidal
Havok Behavior v. NaturalMotion Morpheme - Pipelines - Tech-Artists.Org
Note the age of this discussion!
PR: "The thing that I don’t like about 3rd party animation blending software is that it adds another step into the process. You export from your DCC app to 3rd party software, and then you have to export again from that into your game engine. If I could choose, I think I’d prefer to see the functionality of the blending software built into the game engine itself to avoid the extra step."
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5 days ago by mechazoidal
Does PyCharm fully work with Houdini? - Coding - Tech-Artists.Org
"Our resident Houdini experts say no. They use Sublime for working with Vex as it supports the language. We haven’t got remote debugging to work on either. PyCharm works with Houdini’s Python, obviously.
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5 days ago by mechazoidal

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