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Deep brain stimulation eases Parkinson's disease symptoms by boosting dopamine | Hub
Results of treatment include reduced tremors and muscle rigidity that are hallmarks of the disease
parkinson's  disease  deep  brain  stimulation  boost  dopamine 
16 hours ago by gdw
Bruce Lipton: LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY (Very Powerful Speech) - YouTube
Health ... protein / cell / signal .... 3 things that interfere with signal - trauma / food ( chemicals ) / thought ..... perception - how you see the world ..... gene is just blueprint .....
cell  brucelipton  energy  volt  voltage  1.4  chi  trillion  700  70  protein  meditation  health  signal  disease  epi  genetic  gene  genes  brain  mind  command  life  death  cancer  placebo  nocebo  heal  healthy  good  bad  harmful  harm  stress 
10 days ago by bekishore

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