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Cracking LUKS/dm-crypt passphrases – Diverto – Information Security Warriors
Linux uses dm-crypt in order to provide transparent disk or partition encryption. What are the options in case you need to recover passphrase from such encryption? There are already ready-made tools, but we have also produced and published our own in order to support newer LUKS format/ciphers/hashing.

type:article  linux  security  disk  encryption  cryptography  hacking  breaking 
yesterday by endorama
Filelight - Disk Usage Statistics -
Filelight is an application to visualize the disk usage on your computerFeatures: Scan local, remote or removable disks Configurable color schemes File system navigation by mouse clicks Information about files and directories on hovering Files and directories can be copied or removed directly from the context menu Integration into Konqueror and Krusader
disk  analyzer  windows  linux  software  diskspace  utility 
12 days ago by keynell
Speeding up Linux disk encryption
In this post, we will investigate the performance of disk encryption on Linux and explain how we made it at least two times faster for ourselves and our customers!
cryptography  disk  linux  performance  encryption  analysis 
13 days ago by gilberto5757
HPE StorageWorks 600 Modular Disk System - Overview
High density, high capacity storage for unstructured data, high performance computing, web farms, and high availability applications. MDS600 as part of a Straight-Forward In-Rack 3 Gb/s SAS implementation that delivers High-Density, Low-Cost external zoned direct attach storage for HP BladeSystem servers.
hpe  md600  storageworks  disk  enclosure  sas  storage 
13 days ago by nullrend

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