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Linie Aquavit Historie
Can I recreate the global jurnet at the Tems?
dispacement  aquavit  tems 
december 2011 by eirikhelgesen
Gulf stream Norway
The only place where the ocean heat transport fundamentally alters climate is along the coast of northern Norway which would be sea ice-covered were it not for the warm northward flowing Norwegian Current.
dispacement  climatechange  gulf  stream 
december 2011 by eirikhelgesen
Mistral Tornado light by Daniel Wurtzel for Moooi.
Lamp that crate a tornado by a fan and steem. Ok film & product
Northern  Light  Mooi  dispacement 
december 2011 by eirikhelgesen
Projector by Troika
Ralated to displacement of Norten light
Identety  dispacement 
november 2011 by eirikhelgesen
Evan Roth webpage
Popuar and Free culture artist - Related to my displacement of Identety project. Grate at describing hes work
Identety  art  activisem  dispacement  bad  ass  mother  fucker 
november 2011 by eirikhelgesen

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