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Dead Pixel Buddy - The Tool to Detect Dead Pixels
Tearing test: switch rapidly between two colors with left/right arrow
monitor  display  test 
4 days ago by dandv
DPI and PPI and why it doesn't matter
PPI doesn't matter when you’re producing images for digital display.
Regardless of what you set your PPI to when resizing, that image will always have those same pixel dimensions and filesize.
dpi  ppi  graphics  design  screen  display  FAQ 
5 days ago by rjackal
US$399 Apple Watch Series 4 Has a 30% Larger Display, Wrist ECG Readout
At the Apple Special Event currently ongoing in Cupertino, California, Apple has announced the new Series 4 Apple Watch. While familiar in design, the watch has been refined, with a display that is larger by more than 30%, and with a thinner and smaller case and total volume. To best complement this new seamless design,...

The post US$399 Apple Watch Series 4 Has a 30% Larger Display, Haptic Crown, On-Wrist ECG appeared first on .
US$399  Apple  Watch  Series  4  Has  a  30%  Larger  Display  Haptic  Crown  On-Wrist  ECG 
6 days ago by vrzone
Intro to charlieplexing | Hackaday
[sixerdoodle] sent us this nice firefly project that serves as an intro to charlieplexing. We’ve mentioned charlieplexing before, in our LED Life post and the Breath Controlled LED candles post. This project is quite simple and focues mainly on how to make a charlieplexed circuit work.

The goal was to create a tiny firefly bottle with SMD LEDs and as few wires as possible. In the video, after the break, it is hard to tell just how small this thing is until we see the battery. There are clear directions and fantastic pictures detailing exactly how to set up a charlieplexed circuit with 6 LEDs.
hackaday  charlieplexing  leds  matrix  display 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx
Super-unzerstörbares !!! Alle drei kaputt hier angekommen.
Panzerglas  Display  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by tmmd
2006-Jan: Comparison between VA vs. IPS. vs TN: Color and Viewing Angle : pcmasterrace
IPS rules. ASUS has a reputation for QA issues (dead pixels).

But: "Nowadays you can't really just lump all TN panels together. The new 8-bit ones found in displays from ASUS and some other manufacturers have very good colors, acceptable viewing angles and of course very low response times. They're nothing like the 6-bit TNs found in laptop displays and cheap monitors.

I've had the ASUS PG278Q (8-bit TN) since it was released and it has been tremendously good. I tried it side by side with a 30" Dell IPS and the main difference were the viewing angles and gamut. The PG278Q only supports sRGB color space, which is what nearly all content on the web and games is. Came very well calibrated from out of the box too.

It's viewing angles aren't perfect but when sitting in front of it you don't have the massive color shifts you see on crappy laptop displays and monitors. Really only when you stand up or really slouch on your chair you can see issues. Even from the sides it's quite acceptable, none of that color inversion you see on the afore-mentioned shitty displays."
display  technology  comparison  monitor 
7 days ago by dandv
DAKboard - A customizable display for your photos, calendar, news, weather and more!
DAKboard is a digital wall calendar and online service. It supports calendar syncing with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook and other online calendar services! Choose an agenda style to see the next few days, or display your events on a full monthly calendar. DAKboard makes a perfect digital family planner!
calendar  display  raspberrypi  saas  online  service 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx
DIY Raspberry Pi Wall Calendar Display Project - Geeky Gadgets
Raspberry Pi enthusiasts searching for a project to keep them busy may be interested in a new DIY Raspberry Pi wall calendar which has been created by Instructables member “sgaluf”. Kindly full build instructions have been published to the Instructables website, guiding you through the process so you can create your very own using a Raspberry Pi mini PC and an old display from a laptop or desktop PC.
raspberrypi  calendar  display  tutorial  project  instructables 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx
How to Reuse the Old LCD Screen of Your Broken Laptop: 4 Steps
This is a super simple but also very awesome project. You can turn any modern laptop screen into a monitor with the proper driver board. Connecting those two is easy as well. Just plug in the cable and done. But I took it one step further and also build a nice case from acrylic glass. Let's build it!
instructables  tutorial  display  screen  laptop  reuse  lcd 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx

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