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The last days of the middle-class world citizen
October 3, 2019 | Financial Times | Janan Ganesh.
what I think Janan Ganesh is talking about; the divide between the globally mobile elite and the locally restricted peasantry is getting increasingly stark, and the middle class is being hollowed out.
'10s  Big_Tech  climate_change  decline  deglobalization  disposable_income  downward_mobility  dystopian_futures  frictions  future  globalization  Janan_Ganesh  lifestyles  middle_class  millennials  pessimism  societal_choices  subtractive  The_One_Percent  thought-provoking  travel 
october 2019 by jerryking
Africa's Growing Consumer Class Lures Multinationals -

A Continent of New Consumers Beckons
As Disposable Incomes Continue to Climb, Multinationals Shift Focus From Resources to Retail
consumer_goods  disposable_income  Africa  multinationals 
january 2011 by jerryking
Ping - At TechShops, Do-It-Yourselfers Get to Use Expensive Tools -
April 9, 2010 | New York Times | by Ashlee Vance. About
TechShop, a chain of do-it-yourself workshops. A corporatized version of
the “hacker spaces”. Success depends on there being a revolution in
which Americans turn off their TVs, put down their golf clubs and step
away from their Starbucks coffees. Then they will direct their
disposable income and free time toward making things — stuff like
chairs, toys and, say, synthetic diamonds. They will do this because the
tools needed to make really cool things have become cheaper and because
humans feel good when they make really cool things.
manufacturers  DIY  hacks  micro-factories  small_batch  disposable_income 
april 2010 by jerryking

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