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FisheyeGl Demo
Lens distortion removal — interactive visualizer
camera  lens  images  distortion  warp 
5 weeks ago by cwr
Behringer Neutron - YouTube
My point is that its continuously distorted, which reduces the amount of sounds its capable of. The patch bay would only be offering more modulation of that fundamental distorted sound. Using the patch bay to get around it means the patch bay does less, which is a shame. It definitely sounds good and yeah, sometimes having something that does one thing well is great - The Minitaur is a perfect example. I think I'm just a little underwhelmed by it right now
Behringer  Neutron  synthesizer  hardware  semi-modular  distortion 
11 weeks ago by petej
The Machines That Claim to Uncensor Japanese Pornography
This is about as absurd as analyzing the shape of black lines in redacted documents for the removed words. The hardware is obviously a scam to separate fools from their money.

Why would one even care to? It's not like there is a lack of uncensored material online or even in other media.

Perhaps it's a rejection of the specific aesthetics of the censorship? Blocky pixelations are jarring and draw attention to itself - this is used for specific effect in other contexts.

Ironically, in the USA, most people are more familiar with gaussian blur blobs and usually block out trademarks, logos, and other identifying marks.

Also novel is the job listings of paid censors, which has always been the inflection point of the inherent hypocrisy of censorship: I have to see it {so,but,however} you can't.
japan  pornography  censorship  video  mosaic  distortion  aesthetics  design 
may 2018 by po
Adventure Audio - Outer Rings - YouTube
2:30 - USEFUL: "tilt - mixes between your post-gain dry signal & ring-modulated signal. (think of gain as the first step, before dry is ring-modulated.)"

4:00 - EXPRESSION PEDAL can control frequency or rate. Flip the "exp" switch UP for "frequency," DOWN for "rate."

6:30 - very interesting idea for distorting drum beats - could use with BeatBuddy!
ring.mod  pedal  video  guitar  distortion 
february 2018 by jaltcoh

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