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Adventure Audio - Outer Rings - YouTube
2:30 - USEFUL: "tilt - mixes between your post-gain dry signal & ring-modulated signal. (think of gain as the first step, before dry is ring-modulated.)"

4:00 - EXPRESSION PEDAL can control frequency or rate. Flip the "exp" switch UP for "frequency," DOWN for "rate."

6:30 - very interesting idea for distorting drum beats - could use with BeatBuddy!
ring.mod  pedal  video  guitar  distortion 
12 weeks ago by jaltcoh
That Pedal Show - Pedal Order Basics: What Goes Where & Why? - YouTube
16:00 - where to put distortion (standard is "at the front," i.e. left-most)


27:00 - delay -> reverb (clean)

27:15 - reverb -> delay (clean) (Only a subtle difference. "The reverb sound — all those tiny little delays — are getting fed into the delay, so they're getting delayed as well. The sound of the initial attack of the reverb is being delayed.)

27:40 - Quick comparison of delay -> reverb, then reverb -> delay

27:58 - more reverb -> delay


28:50 - gain -> delay -> reverb

29:15 - gain -> reverb -> delay (This is a clearer difference than the clean ones - more elaborate - "more artifacts and weird things going on, more confused.")

They say "vast majority" of people do reverb -> delay.
distortion  pedal  order  guitar  video 
january 2018 by jaltcoh

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