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Systems that Run Forever Self-heal and Scale
Joe Armstrong outlines the architectural principles needed for building scalable fault-tolerant systems built from small isolated parallel components which communicate though well-defined protocols.
systems  distributed-systems  infrastructure 
2 days ago by sgmac
Marc Brooker on leases
Good advice from Marc Brooker on using leases as a way to handle leader election in a distributed system: 'Leases are a nice primitive because they are easy to understand, easy (if subtle) to implement correctly, require very little co-ordination, optimistic, and don't require much load on the strongly consistent service.'
leases  primitives  distributed-systems  distcomp  networking  coding  marc-brooker  algorithms 
10 days ago by jm
Introduction to Redis Streams
Redis Streams are new. Time will tell if they let people replace more complex technologies such as Kafka.
!B-🌺-free/libre-and-open-source-software  streams  kafka  redis  redis-streams  antirez  stream-processing  distributed-systems 
14 days ago by beyondseven
Building A "Simple" Distributed System - Formal Verification — Jack Vanlightly
In the last post, we described a protocol that should satisfy the
requirements and invariants established in the first post. Today we will
look at formal verification with TLA+.

Formal verification is just another (niche) tool in the toolbox. Some tools
require more skill than others to use. Some tools are more expensive than
others. It is up to the practioner to decide if/when/how to use them.

The hard part is that you won't necessarily know if it is beneficial to a
given pro...
distributed-systems  tla+  formal-verification 
17 days ago by athaeryn

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