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Demystifying Blockchain Not Bitcoin – Arca – Medium
Excellent discussion about the differences between Blockchain, DLT and Cryptocurrencies as Enterprise community sees it
Blockchain  Distributed  Ledger  Decentralised  Cryptocurrency 
13 hours ago by danielle.szetho
The Declarative Imperative: Experiences and Conjectures in Distributed Logic | the morning paper
The Declarative Imperative: Experiences and Conjectures in Distributed Logic - Hellerstein 2010. This paper is an extended version of an invited talk that Joe Hellerstein gave to the ACM PODS conference in 2010. The primary audience is therefore database researchers, but there's some good food for thought for the rest of us in there too.…
distributed  logic  paper  toread 
yesterday by joshuathayer
The log/event processing pipeline you can't have - apenwarr
"Please, please, steal these ideas. Make your log and event processing as stable as our small team made our log processing. Don't fight over structured vs unstructured; if you can't agree, just log them both."
logging  sysadmin  distributed 
yesterday by mechazoidal
Recompiled by Josh Davis - Tech & software insight recompiled from the archives
Recompiled will be different than all the other technology sites out there in that it will look at things from a software engineer’s perspective. There is a lot of insight that can be gained by understanding how software is engineered and how the industry pieces all fit together. Recompiled will also look backwards through the archives before it looks forward.
software  technology  history  distributed  blog  magazine  online 
2 days ago by liqweed
Running Elixir in Docker Containers
How to use Docker to run our development Elixir environment and to run multiple Elixir Nodes over a Docker bridge network.
elixir  docker  alpine  bridge  network  distributed  node 
4 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Distributed Phoenix Chat with PubSub PG2 adapter
In this article we see how to cluster Phoenix Chat nodes, using distributed Elixir. We see how pg2 works and inspect how Phoenix efficiently broadcasts the messages in a distributed chat app.
elixir  distributed  node  pubsub  cluster 
4 days ago by ianweatherhogg

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