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Health Checks and Graceful Degradation in Distributed Systems
As often as not, discussions around the implementation of a health check pivot around the two options at either extremity of the spectrum — simple pings/signals or comprehensive end-to-end tests. In this post, I aim to underscore the problem behind using the aforementioned form of health-checks for certain types of load balancing decisions as well as need for a more fine-grained approach for measuring the health of a process.
distributed  kubernetes  monitoring  analysis  monitor 
2 days ago by danesparza
Health Checks and Graceful Degradation in Distributed Systems
Thanks, as always, to Fred Hebert and Sargun Dhillon for reading a draft of this post and offering some invaluable suggestions. In her Velocity keynote, Tamar Bercovici of Box highlighted the…
sridharan  monitoring  kubernetes  observability  distributed 
4 days ago by pinterb
The People Pushing for a Decentralized Web - The New Stack
Or, as the Summit’s site explains, “With scores of prototypes and apps now built with decentralized protocols, it’s time to collaborate, communicate and engage the communities who need these tools the most.”
culture  distributed  decentalized 
5 days ago by euler
OpenZipkin · A distributed tracing system
useful for tracing the latency in distributed / microservice architecture
debugging  distributed  monitoring 
5 days ago by ruxkor

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