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Zipf, Power-law, Pareto - a ranking tutorial
Many man made and naturally occurring phenomena, including city sizes, incomes, word frequencies, and earthquake magnitudes, are distributed according to a power-law distribution. A power-law implies that small occurrences are extremely common, whereas large instances are extremely rare. This regularity or 'law' is sometimes also referred to as Zipf and sometimes Pareto. To add to the confusion, the laws alternately refer to ranked and unranked distributions. Here we show that all three terms, Zipf, power-law, and Pareto, can refer to the same thing, and how to easily move from the ranked to the unranked distributions and relate their exponents.
probability  statistics  math  Zipf  power-law  Pareto  distribution 
15 days ago by areich
Stream processing powered by Apache Flink - Ververica
Founded by the original creators of Apache Flink, the Ververica Platform makes stream processing easy for your enterprise.
apacheflink  sql  commercial  distribution  stream  processing 
24 days ago by gilberto5757

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