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5 Code of Conduct Enforcement Myths
"As I've talked with community organizers (even seasoned ones!) I've found there are a few common myths about code of conduct enforcement in online communities and enforcement at tech events. Let's break down a couple myths.”
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2 days ago by handcoding
Lego’s official ‘Women of NASA’ set goes on sale November 1 | TechCrunch
Lego has a new set that originated by a member of its Lego Ideas fan-sourced creation platform: The Women of NASA, a package that includes NASA pioneers Nancy Grace Roman, Margeret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jamison, as well as a space shuttle model, the Hubble telescope and display stands for all.

The Lego set was originally proposed by MIT News deputy editor Maia Weinstock on the Ideas platform last year, and quickly made its way to the 10,000 mark needed for official project approval by Lego.
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2 days ago by dancall
Oxford accused of 'social apartheid' as colleges admit no black students | Education | The Guardian
Lammy said the figures showed that many colleges at both Oxford and Cambridge failed to reflect the UK’s population, and called into question the universities’ claims to national standing.

“This is social apartheid and it is utterly unrepresentative of life in modern Britain,” Lammy said. // FIrst this week the BAME report new data new numbers to existing known feelings, then the hate crime report +30%, and followed by crime report +30% (Austerity cuts partly to blame needs more to be looked into), and fact that Austerity hits disproportionately single mothers and BAME single mothers. //&! FA select committee hearing Aluko Sampson FA scandal -
post-racial  UK  discrimination  social  income  mobility  inequality  Racism  BAME  prejudice  bigotry  Gesellschaft  Society  cohesion  diversity  poverty  trap  Precariat  USA  education  policy  Elite  No  Representation  Oligarchy  hate  crime  speech  nasty  party  Tories  Conservative  Austerity  Super  Rich  Plutocracy  1%  10%  Institution  institutional 
3 days ago by asterisk2a
GitHub - cirlabs/Silicon-Valley-Diversity-Data: Download EEO-1 reports from Silicon Valley tech companies. Compiled by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting
RT @mikejcorey: Want to use the EEO-1 data @Reveal collected to do your own analysis of Silicon Valley diversity? Get our data here:
diversity  data 
3 days ago by ichthyos
Justin Tindall: my 'bored with diversity' comment was wrong
Until we treat it as such, we compromise any hope of achieving meaningful diversity. Diversity that furthers talent and enables us to produce the best work possible. It’s why we have a Diversity Group here at M&C Saatchi. Why I’m working with them to help move the dial in a meaningful way. Why I’m challenging the agency’s "grad" scheme - do you really need a degree to excel in an advertising agency? And why I helped conceive and initiate the Creative Circle Foundation – a fee-free, one-year creative advertising course aimed exclusively at people from as varied, underprivileged and diverse a background as possible. 
agencies  diversity  fail 
3 days ago by dancall
This Your Home Now by Mark Doty - Poems | Academy of American Poets
For years I went to the Peruvian barbers on 18th Street
—comforting, welcome: the full coatrack,
three chairs held by three barbers,

oldest by the window, the middle one
a slight fellow who spoke an oddly feminine Spanish,
the youngest last, red-haired, self-consciously masculine,

and in each of the mirrors their children’s photos,
smutty cartoons, postcards from Machu Picchu.
I was happy in any chair, though I liked best

the touch of the eldest, who’d rest his hand
against my neck in a thoughtless, confident way.
Ten years maybe. One day the powdery blue

steel shutters pulled down over the window and door,
not to be raised again. They’d lost their lease.
I didn’t know how at a loss I’d feel;

this haze around what I’d like to think
the sculptural presence of my skull
requires neither art nor science,

but two haircuts on Seventh, one in Dublin,
nothing right.
Then (I hear my friend Marie
laughing over my shoulder, saying In your poems

there’s always a then, and I think, Is it a poem
without a then?) dull early winter, back on 18th,
upspiraling red in a cylinder of glass, just below the line

of sidewalk, a new sign, WILLIE’S BARBERSHOP.
Dark hallway, glass door, and there’s (presumably) Willie.
poem  poetry  ****  2015  memory  diversity  usa  nyc 
4 days ago by gpe
M&C Saatchi boss Justin Tindall: 'I'm bored of diversity being prioritised over talent' - The i newspaper online iNews
Justin Tindall, Group Creative Officer of the global agency, made the remarks in a provocative article published in industry magazine, Campaign.
“I’m bored. Bored of how toothless, gutless and increasingly anodyne our industry has become. Bored of diversity being prioritised over talent,” wrote Tindall, who was poached by M&C Saatchi to become its executive creative director two years ago.
agencies  diversity  fail 
4 days ago by dancall

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