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Listen to Her: Gender on This American Life
For 22 years, the radio program This American Life has historically had a majority women staff in an otherwise male-dominated radio industry. Yet, an analysis of the show’s transcripts still yields the same pattern: men receive more airtime than women. How can this be?
gender  dj  vis  radio  media  thisamericanlife  tal 
4 days ago by paulbradshaw
Streets with most crime in Norwich revealed | Crime | Eastern Daily Press
Recorded crime around Denmark Opening shows 37 incidents of shoplifting during January and February - one every two days, according to Home Office data.

And local businesses put it down to the new supermarket across the road, which has been trading since last August.

In the same period in 2017, the area had just one crime recorded - a robbery, and traders on Denmark Opening say theirs is a quiet street which rarely calls on police.
crime  dj  archant  norwich 
9 days ago by paulbradshaw
Norwich hot dog stand owner receives zero food hygiene rating | Latest Norfolk and Suffolk News - Eastern Daily Press
He said: “She (the food hygiene inspector) asked me to use tongs and not my blue gloves to handle the food, so that’s what I have done.”

“Before they came to see me they never said anything, so I thought the way I was doing it was right - but when she came she said she wanted me to do it differently.”

“I went on the course and did everything she wanted me to do, and that’s all I can do.”
food  dj  archant  norwich  foodhygiene 
9 days ago by paulbradshaw
Ambulance delay data for Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is inaccurate | Health | Eastern Daily Press
The NNUH said that because the data could not be verified they submitted a “no data return” between December 26 and January 21.

A spokesman said: “Unfortunately, upon submission this was misinterpreted as a ‘zero’ within the data return. If we are not satisfied that the data is accurate for any reason would submit a ‘null return’ until assurance is gained that the data is correct.”

The spokesman added: “We were advised on December 12 that the EEAST system resumed normal function which we then had to reintegrate within our own data systems.”
timeline  health  dj  archant  norwich  automation  baddata 
9 days ago by paulbradshaw
How making it easier to give readers what they want won us two Regional Press Awards
Local crime is of huge interest to our readers and the databank easily turns monthly datasets into interactive maps, charts and tables at the click of button. The databank takes a spreadsheet and turns it into an engaging infographic that tells the story for our audience. Successful examples have included the 10 most crime-ridden streets in Weston-super-Mare and all burglaries in Norfolk in 2017.

The databank also alerts reporters to updates in the datasets. For example, when a restaurant receives a food hygiene rating of zero or cleans up its act and receives an improved rating, the databank will email our reporters as soon as it happens.
automation  crime  archant  databank  dj  vis  food 
10 days ago by paulbradshaw
Mum of murdered Joshua Ribera: 'Kids don't realise they can knife someone in the leg to gain respect but their victim could bleed to death' - Birmingham Live
A data investigation by Birmingham University has revealed that of the 1.612 recorded crimes involving the use of knives since 2014 - one in three cases results in no suspect being caught.
studentwork  dj  wan  birminghammail  annettebelcher  knifecrime  crime 
10 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Pitch
Every month, Philip Sherburne sifts through the never-ending avalanche of new DJ mixes online to bring you the best of the bunch. via Pocket
pocket  mixes  dj  philip.sherburne  pitchfork  2018  soundcloud  mixcloud 
12 days ago by jburkunk
A Beautiful Game – The World Cup 2018 matches, visualised in a Mondrian like style
 The matches of the World Cup 2018, visualised in a Mondrian like style. Take the tour at the digital gallery and witness in replay how the pictures emerge minute by minute.
art  dj  vis  worldcup  football  sport  mondrian 
13 days ago by paulbradshaw
Applaudience Analytics
Dashboard for Avengers Infinity War sales
film  dj  dashboard  vis 
13 days ago by paulbradshaw

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