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Five years of the Trinity Mirror Data Unit – Behind Local News UK – Medium
Both of us were journalists first and data journalists second. I moved over from the newsdesk of the Manchester Evening News, where I’d previously been political editor and chief reporter. Strictly speaking, I wasn’t a “data journalist” at all; but I was someone who believed in the power of local data journalism to find stories, build interactives, and help connect readers to important information about their lives.

Over the years — thanks to a hugely supportive parent company, brilliant and dedicated additions, and the body of work we’ve built up together — we’ve grown to a team of 12 including coders, graphic designers, and a videographer. All work full-time for the data unit: writing stories, producing graphical pages, creating interactives and tools, and pursuing data investigations and projects.
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4 days ago by paulbradshaw
7 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Karaoke
We all know that karaoke is a great time to sing our favorite songs with friends, but there are a few facts about karaoke that may be surprising to you!
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7 days ago by Adventure_Web
The Stanford Open Policing Project
On a typical day in the United States, police officers make more than 50,000 traffic stops. Our team is gathering, analyzing, and releasing records from millions of traffic stops by law enforcement agencies across the country. Our goal is to help researchers, journalists, and policymakers investigate and improve interactions between police and the public.

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7 days ago by paulbradshaw
Did Lana Del Rey plagiarise Radiohead? A note-by-note analysis | Music | The Guardian
According to online database Hooktheory, only four out of 17,000 popular hits of the last decades have used this specific sequence.
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11 days ago by paulbradshaw

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