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Russia DNS Alternative Internet Could Yield Cyberattack
Moscow has said it has no plans to build an 'alternate Internet,' though the government has previously expressed internet in an "independent internet infrastructure for Russia and the other members of BRICS (Brazil, India, China, and South Africa)," as Mack DeGeurin writes for New York Magazine. So what potential utility would a DNS alternative hold for Russia? It could serve useful in the event that Russia decides to launch an online-based 'botnet'-driven attack, according to DeGeurin's report.

"When implemented, the DNS alternative could separate Russia and its allies from the rest of the connected internet — a possibility that, however remote, has experts worried about a 'balkanization' of a global network...Last week, a senior member of the Russian Foreign Ministry reportedly said that the DNS alternative was ready, but would only be used in “the worst-case scenario.” While the Russian government claims it needs this DNS alternative as a defensive measure to avoid American and Western European cyberattacks, security experts worry it could be used as a backup for an offensive attack...'If they have their own DNS system that would make it easy for them to threaten or to actually attack our [internet] infrastructure,' Mike Lloyd, a network security expert at RedSeal, told Select All...While experts would still likely be able to trace a troll farm back to its nation origin, this DNS alternative would make it difficult to pinpoint the exact address of origin...'This shows how important geopolitical factors are to the technology world,' [former DIA CTO Bob] Gourley said. 'Global politics and how the internet is governed are totally related now. Russia and China have overlapping interests when it comes to cracking down on the use of the internet by open societies, and cracking down on the internet within their own countries.'"

Russian officials also recently drafted a plan to greatly reduce the amount of "domestic" Russia internet traffic that would go through foreign servers, from roughly 60% to less than 5% by 2024.
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