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I was Wrong about Nix - Christine Dodrill
From time to time, I am outright wrong on my blog. This is one of those times. In my last post about Nix, I didn’t see the light yet. I think I do now, and I’m going to attempt to clarify below.
nix  docker  linux 
yesterday by ssorc
Docker - Visual Studio Marketplace
The Docker extension makes it easy to build, manage and deploy containerized applications from Visual Studio Code. Check out the "Working with Docker" tutorial to get started.
docker  vscode  extension 
yesterday by ijy
Podman |
Repository for website using GitHub Pages.
docker  containers  podman 
yesterday by geetarista
Push and pull OCI artifact - Azure Container Registry | Microsoft Docs
You can use an Azure container registry to store and manage Open Container Initiative (OCI) artifacts as well as Docker and Docker-compatible container images. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  acr  azure  containers  docker  oci 
yesterday by booyaa
A script to painlessly set up a Docker environment for development of Wagtail - inspired by vagrant-wagtail-develop
docker  wagtail 
2 days ago by cnk

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