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Home - Docker Flow Proxy
The goal of the Docker Flow Proxy project is to provide an easy way to reconfigure proxy every time a new service is deployed, or when a service is scaled. It does not try to "reinvent the wheel", but to leverage the existing leaders and combine them through an easy to use integration. It uses HAProxy as a proxy and adds custom logic that allows on-demand reconfiguration.
lang:en  Docker  Proxy  DNS 
17 hours ago by DASKAjA
An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices
Docker  Microservices  Monitoring  lang:en 
18 hours ago by DASKAjA
deangiberson/aws-dynamodb-local - Docker Hub
Docker container for AWS DynamoDB Local.

AWS DynamoDB Local will let you test against DynamoDB without needing
a full network.
aws  dynamodb  docker 
yesterday by raygrasso
Moby BuildKit - Concurrent, cache-efficient, and Dockerfile-agnostic builder toolkit
A toolkit for converting source code to build artifacts in an efficient, expressive and repeatable manner.
Docker  build  tools  devops  opensource 
yesterday by liqweed
Home - GorillaJS
development environment designed to easily install and neatly manage web applications
docker  javascript  opensource  node.js  webdev 
yesterday by jshwlkr
Docker Announces Support For Kubernetes – An Analysis - by @krishnan
"Yesterday at Dockercon EU, Docker announced its support for Kubernetes on the Docker Enterprise Edition, Docker Community Edition as well as its desktop apps as well as the Moby project. This is a significant shift for a company that almost broke the open source community around the then Docker project."
free  reports  platforms  cloudfoundry  docker  compose  swarm  dockercon  2017  kubernetes  mesosphere  openshift  pivotal 
yesterday by jonerp

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