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Docker for Mac ignores proxy settings · Issue #2715 · docker/for-mac
I have tried with the latest version of my channel (Stable or Edge) I have submitted Diagnostics impossible since I can't upload the diagnostics I have included the Diagnostics ID in this Issue Expected behavior Docker should reflect my ...
docker  network 
11 minutes ago by andreaskoch
Introducing dumb-init, an init system for Docker containers
Properly handle sigterm and sigint when using docker, works for all types of processes
13 hours ago by kbonnet
DockerCon coverage from 451: security focus
“Steve Singh took over as CEO a year ago and has presided over a growing number of customers – more than 500 enterprise customers to date – and associated revenue. On that note, the company announced it expects to grow bookings beyond $100m in 2018.”
docker  revenue  security  451  moemntum 
22 hours ago by cote
Thoughts on DockerCon 2018
“Docker is focusing on enterprise buyers and legacy workloads.”
containers  cloudnative  docker  modernization  redmonk 
22 hours ago by cote

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