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new season, 20 days left 😎
Who's ready ? 🙋🏼‍♀️
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2 days ago by madjo
RIP Zienia Merton
Her first TV appearance was as Ping Cho in Doctor Who (Marco Polo, 1964); she returned 45 years later as the registrar in the Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (2009).
death  sf  doctorwho 
3 days ago by nwlinks
Is a Completely Revamped 'Doctor Who' a Good Idea? | The Mary Sue
I..don't know how I feel about this. I supposed I'll remain cautiously optimistic.
TV  DoctorWho 
5 days ago by HaphazarMe
Aria's Fanfic
Aria's Due South & Doctor Who Fanfic on AO3. She's in my folders.
Author'sWebsite  AO3  Fic  Slash  Threesomes&Moresomes  DueSouth  Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio  DoctorWho  Aria  MyFiles 
10 days ago by blissthisway
RT : The Doctor’s ready. Are you?
The Global Premiere, Sunday, October 7 on .
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11 days ago by mjr5749
RT : ICYMI: Newly released Doctor Who Infinity is Game of the Day on !!

fans can head…
AppStore  DoctorWho  from twitter
11 days ago by dscassel
RT : Confirmed: will also starting Sunday, October 7!
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13 days ago by dscassel
So you're OK with, from 2005-2017, 90% of 's directors & 85+% writers being white men? If so, you're sayi…
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13 days ago by lurrel
RT : It’s About Time…
Release date varies by country. Check local listings.
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14 days ago by pfenya
(110) Dr. Who - Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD - YouTube
The Robomen helmets look silly though, like walkie-talkies glued to the side of a motorbike helmet...

DoctorWho  videos 
20 days ago by Marcellus
RIP Michael Pickwoad, production designer for recent responsible for Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s amaz…
DoctorWho  from twitter_favs
22 days ago by joshd
Some Bank Holiday Quark action from TV's
DoctorWho  from twitter_favs
23 days ago by dscassel
RT : This next season of is going to be *particularly brilliant* because my ridiculously talented friend…
DoctorWho  from twitter
29 days ago by daisyk
New Series Writers and Directors announced!
DoctorWho  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by KateSherrill

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