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Conservatives rhetoric confederacy south civil war - The Washington Post
The reasonable right’s rhetoric is exactly the same as the antebellum rhetoric I’d read so much of. The same exact words. The same exact arguments. Rhetoric, to be precise, in support of the slave-owning South.
slavery  confederates  jim_crow  language  dog_whistles  apologists  white_victimhood 
december 2019 by pagecarr
Black Republicans See a White Convention, Heavy on Lectures - The New York Times

Black Republicans said they had preferred the political messages to black voters at recent conventions, where the focus was less on public safety and crime than on economic opportunity, job creation, support for small businesses and school choice — all issues, they said, that held appeal.

In Cleveland, however, Mr. Trump and Republican Party leaders are focused on appealing to white voters, particularly white men who are critical to their electoral strategy in the Midwest and the South.....Black speakers who did speak from the podium seemed focused more on castigating black protesters, scolding other blacks for their behavior and exalting Mr. Trump than on trying to help Republicans make inroads with undecided or skeptical black voters.....“How we talk directly about a community of people, and how we talk indirectly about a community of people, matters,” said Michael Steele, who was the first black chairman of the Republican National Committee. “Rudy’s not living in their neighborhoods. And he doesn’t understand what’s motivating them.”

Mr. Steele added, “The coding, the language and the wording becomes a distraction.”

Some Republicans said privately that they were uncomfortable that convention planners had tapped black speakers to chastise black protesters in front of a mostly white crowd, which seemed to lap it up.
African-Americans  GOP  RNC  David_Clarke  conservatism  Campaign_2016  paternalism  condescension  Southern_strategy  Black_Lives_Matter  dog_whistles  whites  white_men 
july 2016 by jerryking
How race and the U.S. election intersect. Hint: badly - The Globe and Mail
Imani Perry

The Globe and Mail

Published Saturday, Nov. 03 2012

Moreover, in the U.S. race is always deployed in election seasons. It is coded with words like "crime," "welfare" and "special interests," and signals a many-decades-long, ongoing backlash against the efforts to pursue equality during the civil rights movement. What makes this moment different is that now it is the President's body itself that is the symbol of racial threat.

The truth is, Americans are quite ambivalent about the value we place in "equality." Americans love the ideal, but many also fear it. They worry that if we pursue racial equality, it might negatively affect their standing in society. And so we find ourselves with hysterical clinging to the status quo through lynched President dolls, and fearmongering about the havoc of the ghetto and the teeming "illegals" reaching into suburbia's pockets at the bidding of a "socialist" President.
African-Americans  race_relations  Campaign_2012  fearmongering  dog_whistles  race-baiting 
november 2012 by jerryking
Republican Attacks Have Racist Undertones -
January 3, 2012, 5:36 pm
Nobody Likes to Talk About It, but It’s There
Obama  Birthers  Mitt_Romney  Newt_Gingrich  Campaign_2012  racism  dog_whistles  race-baiting  bigotry 
january 2012 by jerryking

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