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Né łe! by Darcie Little Badger
Enamored with promises of red Martian canyons and a hefty pay raise, I ignored the scary part about leaving Earth until I actually had to board a starship. There’s nothing too risky about interplanetary space travel. In fact, it’s rather mundane; passengers relax in stasis for nine months. I just hate speed. Won’t ride a roller coaster. Won’t bungee jump. Won’t even hop off a diving board.

No drop can outrace the ascent outta Earth.
short.story  scifi  dogs 
7 hours ago by alclaexman
Scientists chase mystery of how dogs process words: New study focuses on the brain mechanisms dogs use to differentiate between words -- ScienceDaily
"Dogs may have varying capacity and motivation for learning and understanding human words," Berns says, "but they appear to have a neural representation for the meaning of words they have been taught, beyond just a low-level Pavlovian response."
dogs  language  fMRI  science 
2 days ago by emkay
APOD: 2018 October 13 - Skygazers on the Beach
Explanation: Kona, a young boxer, is a dog who loves splashing in the waves along Solana Beach near San Diego, planet Earth. But he paused here, at least briefly, during an early evening romp on October 7. Along with two people friends he gazes skyward in this snapshot, dazzled by the flight of a Falcon 9 rocket. Their seaside view is of the sunlit exhaust plumes from the rocket's first stage thrusters as it returns to Vandenberg Air Force base, its launch site over 250 miles to the north.
astronomy  photography  APOD  dogs 
3 days ago by rgl7194
A Dog's Life: A Story of Perspective (and Stress) |
I liked it more when we lived in the first house.
The little one.
Three houses ago.
He played with me the most in that house.
I loved that place.
dogs  family 
5 days ago by foliovision

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