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Obedience training club of Greater Lansing.
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2 days ago by joyful_surprise
Home - English Springer Rescue America
English Springer Rescue America, Inc. (ESRA) is a coast to coast referral and foster care purebred placement organization.
7 days ago by dicewitch
Dental Care for Your Dog
Proper dental care goes a long way towards keeping your furry pal happy and healthy.
dogs  dental-heatlh  dental-care 
8 days ago by Adventure_Web
Frontiers | Dogs Have the Most Neurons, Though Not the Largest Brain: Trade-Off between Body Mass and Number of Neurons in the Cerebral Cortex of Large Carnivoran Species | Frontiers in Neuroanatomy
Remarkably, of all the individuals we analyzed, the one with the most neurons in the cerebral cortex was a golden retriever dog (627 million neurons), followed by the lion (545 million neurons), one of the raccoons (512 million neurons), the striped hyena (495 million neurons), a smaller dog of unspecified breed (429 million neurons) and a second raccoon individual (395 million neurons) // cats, lions, and bears all have about the same number of neurons. dogs and raccoons have more (dramatically more on a scale weighted basis).
brains  evolution  science  dogs  cats 
12 days ago by yorksranter

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