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How a Bible prophecy shapes Trump's foreign policy - YouTube
American Evangelical Christians
Interpretation of the Bibel = "literally true" "the prophetic roadmap to life"
and with it, the 2nd Comming. Return to Earth
Reward those who supported, and punish who did not. the non-believers.
Iran is supported of Palestine
Palestine  Israel  Bibel  Christian  Zionism  Rebirth  theology  Jewish  History  Evangelical  Iran  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  GOP  Republicans 
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(36) America's Infrastructure Is Crumbling | VICE on HBO - YouTube
DonaldTrump Donald Trump
not keeping promises
US trucking claims 60bn lost due to infrastructure underinvestment
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  infrastructure  productivity  investment  UK  USA  Germany 
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donald trump unveils new space force logo that looks like star trek insignia
트럼프 정부가 스타트렉의 스타플릿 로고를 연상하게 하는 Space Force의 로고를 소개.
Space Force는 우주 전쟁을 대비하여 만든 기관으로 2019년 12월 미국 하원이 창설을 허가, $ 738B의 국방비 지원을 허락.
United_States  army  force  space  logo  star  trek  designboom  trump  donald 
25 days ago by yun
Trump Is Begging to Be Impeached. Give Him What He Wants — Immediately.
"We need no more investigations or even hearings. We already have irrefutable proof. The suspect has confessed."

- Andrew Sullivan
impeach  Donald  Trump  immediately  now  impeachment  confession  confessed  guilty  investigation  hearings  proof  evidence  Donald-Trump  DonaldTrump  2019  editorial  opinion  Andrew-Sullivan  AndrewSullivan  feedy 
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