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Drones.mp4 - Google Drive
Drove overview movie - on Google Drive
drones  drone 
2 days ago by amann
FAA considers letting drones fly over crowds - The Verge
It also wants to allow them to be flown at night by trained pilots
1  aviation  drones 
3 days ago by noiseguy
1,347 brightly colored drones dance synchronized above sky’s in Xi’an, China. {Video}

innovation  drones  tech  from twitter_favs
4 days ago by TomRaftery
Crowded Space Drones – Welcome to Crowded Space Drones
Licensed & Approved Approved to fly in a large number of countries, our licenses include the UK, USA, Australia & European countries. Insured We hold £10…
aviation  private  security  surveillance  public  safety  film  production  video  drones 
7 days ago by asaltydog
Crowded places guidance - GOV.UK
Guidance on increasing the protection of crowded places from a terrorist attack.
government  security  crime  justice  law  counter-terrorism  guide  aviation  surveillance  public  safety  drones 
7 days ago by asaltydog
The US Army is making a laser-powered drone that can fly indefinitely | New Scientist Sep 2018
"THE US Army is taking wireless recharging to new heights, by using lasers to power small drones in mid-air."

"Now the US Army’s Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center based in Maryland is developing a power beaming system with a combination of lasers and efficient photovoltaic cells.

The aim is to provide enough power from 500 metres away to keep a drone patrolling indefinitely above a base, or flying over a convoy for its entire route. The system works by firing laser light at photovoltaic cells on the drone, which then converts the light into electricity."
NewScientist  drones  UAV  USArmy 
8 days ago by pierredv

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