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How the directors of The Truffle Hunters caught a secret subculture on film | Dropbox Blog
In August 2017, Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, directors of the new Sundance documentary The Truffle Hunters, were traveling through northern Italy on separate trips when they coincidentally came across the same intriguing village. 
After returning home, they realized they’d both heard murmurings about a group of mysterious old men who knew the secret to locating a treasure sought by chefs around the world: the Alba white truffle.
“When we were there in the summer, people actually didn't know who they were,” says Dweck. “They kept talking about ‘these men.’ Some trattorias would say they leave money in a little box. Then there would be a truffle there and the money would be gone. That kind of piqued our interest.” 
Dweck and Kershaw spent a long time researching to find out how they could meet some of the mysterious hunters who guarded the secret of the truffles. 
“It took about a year before we were able to penetrate this interesting subculture,” says Dweck. “The first people we met, we thought were truffle hunters, but they really weren't. There are some people that are like truffle hunters for the tourists. They simulate a truffle hunt. They dress in these outfits and have these fancy mustaches and little badges and stuff. But we learned they weren't the real ones.”
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