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Canada's House of Commons votes to legalize marijuana
Canadian lawmakers on Monday voted to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide.
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3 days ago by joeybaker
UK Drugs Minister Victoria Atkins is accused of 'hypocrisy on a grand scale' for being against the legalisation and regulation of cannabis while her husband grows 45 acres of cannabis under government licence.
Victoria Atkins has been accused of “hypocrisy on a grand scale” after it emerged that she voluntarily recused herself from speaking for the government on cannabis and other aspects of her drugs brief, because her husband was involved with a legal cannabis farm. The Home Office minister and former criminal drugs prosecutor has previously spoken out against both legalising and regulating the drug.
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4 weeks ago by joeybaker
Canada's Liberal party considers decriminalization of all illicit drugs
The push towards decriminalization comes as the opioid crisis continues to claim thousands of lives on both sides of the 49th parallel
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9 weeks ago by joeybaker
Where marijuana is legal, opioid prescriptions fall, studies find
As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, doctors may be replacing opioid prescriptions with suggestions to visit a local marijuana dispensary.
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11 weeks ago by joeybaker
Legalizing Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Prompt Teens To Start Using It, New Research Suggests
Legalizing medical marijuana doesn’t increase recreational use of the substance among teens, according to a new study carried out by researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of ...
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march 2018 by joeybaker

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