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Does CVS–Aetna Spell the End of Business as Usual? | NEJM
2/15/18 - Another day, another mega-deal — or so it seems. But the proposed $70 billion merger of CVS and Aetna would be the largest deal ever in the health care sector outside pharmaceutical company mergers and among the 20 largest deals in history. So this seems an appropriate occasion to pause and consider what it might mean for the health care delivery system.
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House Rejects Bill to Give Patients a ‘Right to Try’ Experimental Drugs - The New York Times
WASHINGTON — In a surprising rebuff to President Trump and Republican leaders, the House derailed a bill on Tuesday that would have given patients with terminal illnesses a right to try unproven experimental treatments.

The bill was considered under special fast-track procedures that required a two-thirds majority for passage, and it fell short. When the roll was called, 259 House members supported the bill, and 140 opposed it.

Most of the opposition came from Democrats, who said the bill gave false hope to patients and could actually endanger people dying of incurable diseases, because it would undermine protections provided by the Food and Drug Administration.
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The Dangerous Misconceptions About the Opioid Epidemic and How We Respond
social justice advocates who might otherwise be organizing to end an epidemic that is devastating an entire generation see instead only hypocrisy from the system, and they move on.

That makes the drug war, which continues to be waged with ferocity, invisible to many who oppose its application elsewhere.
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We’ve Been Here Before – spottedtoad
Since the 90s, the African American social crisis has in my view significantly abated, with rapid declines in mortality and progress along a number of educational and employment outcomes (particularly for black women) since the 90s, and at least a slowed increase in the proportion of unmarried births. But this was only after the end of AFDC and the shift to TANF forced black women en masse into the workforce, combined with a massive increase in incarceration of black men which, even if it contributed to the fall in crime, undoubtedly had large social and communal costs.
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