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The Untapped Promise of LSD
Psychedelics are a potential cure for everything from depression to addiction. Why did we ban these drugs in the first place?
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1 hour ago by flyingcloud
Gas Russia Used in Hostage Siege Was Fentanyl, U.S. Officials Say | Fox News
Russian authorities pumped the gas into a theater where separatist rebels were holding more than 800 people hostage Saturday. The gas killed 116 hostages; 50 hostage-takers also died, many from gunshot wounds.

Relatives of Oklahoman Sandy Booker, 49, said Russian authorities notified them Tuesday that Booker was among the dead.

Based on reports from doctors who visited some of the American hostages, U.S. officials believe the gas was an opiate — a drug related to morphine and heroin, Vershbow said. Other U.S. officials identified the drug as fentanyl, commonly used in anesthesia and to relieve severe pain.
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yesterday by astrogirl
Dolphins Seem to Use Toxic Pufferfish to Get High
En un documental de la BBC, un grup de dofins assetgen i provoquen un peix globus fins que, aterrit, allibera el seu verí. “Els éssers humans no són les úniques criatures que pateixen problemes d'abús de substàncies. Els cavalls mengen herbes al·lucinògenes, els elefants s’emborratxen amb fruita madura i el mufló de les Muntanyes Rocalloses adora el liquen narcòtic. L'atracció dels micos a fruits rics en sucres i etanol, de fet, pot explicar la nostra atracció per l'alcohol, segons alguns investigadors.”
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yesterday by carlesbellver
Washington Monthly | It’s Time for Some Blunt Talk on Weed
After controlling for a host of factors and excluding anyone who was already suffering from schizophrenia at the time of conscription, Andréasson found that someone using cannabis on more than ten occasions had almost two and a half times the risk of developing schizophrenia than someone who’d never used it. To figure out if marijuana causes the disease or if people with schizophrenia just tend to self-medicate with it, Andréasson later compared people who developed schizophrenia after getting high to people with the mental illness who hadn’t used marijuana. The two groups turned out to be different: the pot smokers had been relatively normal and high-functioning before descending into psychosis, whereas the non-users had shown early signs of mental illness. Andréasson ultimately estimated that marijuana is likely responsible for between 10 and 15 percent of all psychosis cases.
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yesterday by HispanicPundit
Heroin on the SF bus
Depressing conversation where everyone agrees if you see someone smoking heroin on the bus in San Francisco, you should probably just ignore it
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yesterday by nelson

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