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New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern sets out priorities: climate, inequality and women | World news | The Guardian
The Green Party who have signed a confidence and supply deal with Labour revealed that Labour has agreed to hold a referendum on legalising cannabis for personal use by 2020, and treating drug abuse as a health issue by increasing funding to drug and alcohol treatment centres.
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They thought they were going to rehab. They ended up in chicken plants | Reveal
Drug court defendants have waited up to nine months for a bed in a residential treatment facility, meanwhile relapsing or languishing in jail. As a result, some courts turn to uncertified programs such as CAAIR, even though it might violate the law, according to the law’s authors.
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The opioid epidemic: How Congress and drug company lobbyists worked to neutralize the DEA - Washington Post
Amid a targeted lobbying effort, Congress weakened the DEA’s ability to go after drug distributors, even as opioid-related deaths continue to rise, a Washington Post and ‘60 Minutes’ investigation finds.
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How to Win a War on Drugs
Portugal treats addiction as a disease, not a crime.
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