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Dynamic Tracing in Windows 10 19H1 – Alex Ionescu’s Blog
Windows 10 introduces an exciting new feature with potential security implications – dynamic tracing which finally enables long awaited-for features in the operating system.
DTrace  Windows  AlexIonescu  blog  2018  WindowsInsiders 
october 2019 by dlb
BPF Performance Tools: Linux System and Application Observability (book)
Sorry, I usually do but missed it this time. However, it's been discussed recently that we are making BPF a technology name and not an acronym, because the acronym is misleading to new users. As a new user yourself, would you be satisfied with "BPF is a technology name and not an acronym" without ever expanding it? (Because the instant we do, we've confused you further.) I get that expanding acronyms gives you a 3-word summary of a technology, so in that case, it should expand to: Generic Kernel Runtime (but that's not BPF! I know, that's the whole problem!) Historically, BPF stands for Berkeley Packet Filter, but none of those words help you understand what it does. It's a generic kernel runtime, just like the JVM or v8.
dtrace  sysadmin  performance  linux  programming  monitoring  book  books 
august 2019 by dentarg

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