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Opinion | How Cancer Changes Hope
Dec. 28, 2018 | The New York Times | By Kate Bowler. Ms. Bowler is the author of “Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I’ve Loved.”

“That was Lucius Seneca, the ancient philosopher of Stoicism,” he said, laughing. “Look, it takes great courage to live as if each day counts. That was a fundamental insight of Stoicism. But we Christians are a people who must live into the future.”
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6 weeks ago by jerryking
Scientific Study Finds The Key To Living A Long Life — Alcohol, Coffee, And Being Overweight
A new study found that people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee and are overweight in their 70s tend to live longer than their counterparts.
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7 weeks ago by leehopkins
Is it possible that we not only lack the language to talk about , , and , but we also lack the em…
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october 2018 by bonni208
Everyday Sociology Blog: A Sociology of My Death
Pema Chödrön once remarked: “We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kinder and more open to what scares us. We always have this choice.”
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september 2018 by brittanydael

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