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Fixing Harry - Lynney
Post Voldemort's defeat. Harry's got a bit of a problem. He's finished off Voldemort, and according to the Prophecy he should finally have a life, right? So how come he feels so lost, and why is his magic getting away from him like he's 13 years old and blowing up Aunt Marge again every time Hermione and Ron are around? It was bloody embarassing, ... and now the Ministry is getting involved.
canondivergence  abandoned  dystopia  post-war  onlynotreally  OCs  breakup!  harry/hermione  feelings!  hermione/ron  c:100-200k  hp  loves  romance  ontherun!  magic!  ministryofmagic! 
5 days ago by floatondown
Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent

Despite IBM’s assurances that Flickr users can opt out of the database, NBC News discovered that it’s almost impossible to get photos removed. IBM requires photographers to email links to photos they want removed, but the company has not publicly shared the list of Flickr users and photos included in the dataset, so there is no easy way of finding out whose photos are included. IBM did not respond to questions about this process.
dystopia  privacy  surveillance.capitalism  surveillance.culture  facial.recognition  ethics  copyright  machine.learning  flickr  ibm  of.course.they.did 
6 days ago by po
Scammed at 40,000 Feet: Opaque Market Costs the Jet-Setting Rich - Bloomberg
" . . . according to My Sky, a company whose software helps scrutinize and manage private-jet costs"
weekly  dystopia  jet  software  specialization 
10 days ago by twwoodward
Facebook Global Security: Mark Zuckerberg's executive-protection team - Business Insider
Facebook's offices are built above an employee parking lot, but it's impossible to park directly beneath Zuckerberg's desk because of concerns about the risk of car bombs.
weekly  facebook  dystopia  security  socialmedia 
12 days ago by twwoodward

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