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#89: Mars Is a Place on Earth
> Antarctica has become one of the most widely cited examples of how law enforcement might operate on other worlds

​> Throughout history, frontiers have been where we experiment with innovative societal arrangements, but they are also where we most faithfully reproduce the most current version of our culture, unfettered by the historical customs that temper it back home.

​> but it will also feel like where we came from.
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yesterday by jasdev
Near real-time satellite imagery. Straight to your desktop.
mac  app  wallpaper  photo  earth  space  satellite 
6 days ago by e2b
mac  sortware  photo  satellite  space  earth 
8 days ago by mayonissen
Real-time satellite imagery on your desktop with Downlink - Main Engine Cut Off
My worlds collide: I built a Mac app using near real-time imagery from GOES-East, GOES-West, and Himawari-8.
It’s called Downlink and you can get it today (free!) on the Mac App Store.
While browsing the GOES Image Viewer a few months ago, I had an idea: with the data frequency that these new GOES satellites provide, I could build a Mac app that pulls the newest image every 20 minutes and sets it as your desktop background.
What resulted was a simple little menu bar app that gives you a near real-time view of Earth all day long. I’ve been using it for a few weeks as I’ve built it, and it is an absolute joy to have a window to Earth all day.
There are 8 different views of Earth to choose from in the first version of the app, including full disk images from GOES-East, GOES-West, and Himawari-8 (which happens to have a nearly identical imager). Real time views of Earth (and other planets) are only going to get more popular, so the idea is to keep the app updated with the newest image sources in the future.
Head over to the Mac App Store, get Downlink for free, and let me know what you think!
photography  mac  earth  apps 
9 days ago by rgl7194
Creating a KMZ File in Google Earth - Apollo Mapping | The Image Hunters
Here are directions for creating a KMZ file in Google Earth. Email us with any questions you might have KMZs or if you need help locating any imagery.
map  google  earth  export  drone 
10 days ago by robnero
Watch sunlight and weather patterns move across Earth throughout the day, and bask in the glory of our blue marble in real time.

Every 20 minutes (or every hour, you pick), Downlink updates your desktop background with the newest images of Earth.

Choose from 8 different views of Earth, including stunning full disk images from 3 different geostationary satellites.
earth  space  wallpaper  macos 
10 days ago by ssorc
RT : and are captured in this image with ’s rising over our planet’s horizon. Our two neighbour…
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10 days ago by bowbrick
Downlink updates your desktop background with the newest images of Earth. (Mac OSX) / via DJ Trischler
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11 days ago by glass

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