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Freddie Mercury singalong hits Amazon Alexa for biopic release | Mobile Marketer
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is promoting the DVD and digital release of "Bohemian Rhapsody," the blockbuster biopic about Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, with a singalong skill for Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant. From Jan. 22 to Mar. 31, U.S. fans can say "Alexa, play Ay-Oh Live" to recreate the experience of echoing Mercury as he sang at Live Aid in 1985, per an announcement.
The movie studio also urges fans to share videos of themselves performing the "Stomp, Stomp, Clap" opening of Queen's stadium-rock favorite "We Will Rock You" on social media. Fans can either re-post an official video from YouTube or create their own "Stomp, Stomp, Clap" video with the #StompforQueen hashtag. Fox will donate $100,000 to the Mercury Phoenix Trust charity to support HIV/AIDS initiatives.
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2 days ago by dancall
Voice Search Readiness in 2019 and Beyond | Street Fight
Sure, voice search as a concept is nothing new, but it is being utilized now more than ever. In fact, ComScore predicts that by 2020, 50% of all searches performed by consumers will be with the use of voice. That means the clock starts now to be ready by New Year’s Day next year.

That percentage is only going to increase for a myriad of reasons. Apple’s Siri was intimidating at first, but as soon as people experienced the ease of dictating their searches versus physically typing them, many latched onto this futuristic practice right away. Other mobile brands followed suit with similar products, like the creation of Google Assistant (formerly Google Now) for Android devices, and before we knew it, we had entered the world of whole-home speakers that can give us the ability to perform tasks like turning lights on and off with our voices
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2 days ago by dancall
Tellables Unveils Its Lineup Of Virtual Storytellers At 2019 Alexa Conference - VRScout
Since the introduction of the Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Tellables, an app developer specializing in voice-driven storytelling, has been delivering easily-accessible audio tales through these voice assistant devices via simplistic commands, such as “Alexa, open my box of chocolates” or “Alexa, open Tricky Genie.”
Teaming up with Amazon, the company has now set its sights on more visual storytelling through its use of virtual human storytellers. Powered by the Amazon Sumerian proprietary VR & AR development platform, these AI-powered personalities will recite engaging, original audio-based stories in natural, human voices; further enhanced by well-timed gestures and various other immersion-enhancing techniques.
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2 days ago by dancall
Amazon upgrades its Fire TV Stick with the new Alexa Voice Remote – TechCrunch
Amazon is giving its Fire TV Stick an upgrade. The company announced today it will now ship the Fire TV Stick with the new version of the Alexa Voice Remote launched last fall. via Pocket
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2 days ago by evansthompson
Wrest control from a snooping smart speaker with this teachable ‘parasite’ – TechCrunch
What do you get when you put one Internet connected device on top of another? A little more control than you otherwise would in the case of Alias the “teachable ‘parasite'” — an IoT project smart speaker topper made by two designers, Bjørn Karmann a…
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2 days ago by evansthompson
Exclusive: Amazon says 100 million Alexa devices have been sold - The Verge
More than 100 million devices with Alexa on board have been sold. That’s the all-too-rare actual number that Amazon’s SVP of devices and services, Dave Limp, revealed to me earlier this week. That’s not to say Amazon has finally decided to be completely transparent about device sales, however. While the company claims it outstripped its most optimistic expectations for the Echo Dot during the holiday season, Limp wouldn’t give a number for that. Instead, Limp says, Amazon is sold out of Dots through January, despite “pushing pallets of Echo Dots onto 747s and getting them from Hong Kong to here as quickly as we possibly could.”
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4 days ago by dancall
Amazon Says It Has Over 10,000 Employees Working on Alexa, Echo - WSJ Inc. has more than 10,000 employees working on its Alexa virtual assistant and the Echo devices it powers, the executive in charge of the business said, double the staff in that division a little more than a year ago.
Speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s WSSJ Tech D.Live conference on Tuesday, Dave Limp, senior vice president of Amazon Devices, outlined new areas where Alexa can expand in the coming years, including in offices, cars and hotel rooms.
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4 days ago by dancall
How Amazon Alexa Uses Machine Learning to Get Smarter | WIRED
Amazon already made headlines this fall over a patent that described technology allowing Alexa to recognize the emotions of users and respond accordingly. Those headlines were not glowing. A device that always listens to you is already a step too far for many; one that infers how you’re feeling escalates that discomfort dramatically.

Prasad says the ultimate goal for Alexa is long-range conversation capabilities. As part of that, it might respond differently to a given question based on how you asked it. And while it’s important to have these conversations now, it’s worth noting that a voice assistant that truly understands the subtleties of your intonations remains, for the most part, a ways off.
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5 days ago by dancall
Why you should take Alexa with you on vacation - CNET
One thing a lot of hotel rooms or Airbnb rentals lack are music-streaming options. Just like you might bring an Apple TV ($179 at Walmart) or Chromecast with you on vacation, you can bring an Alexa-enabled speaker along for the ride to enjoy some tunes while you cook or help lull you to sleep at night.

The only thing you will need to do is open the Alexa app on your phone and go to Settings > [speaker name] > Update Wi-Fi to connect the Alexa speaker to the Wi-Fi network at the hotel or Airbnb location. The downside is that some hotel Wi-Fi networks won't work with some devices. You might also want to bring a travel router along or use your phone as a hotspot just in case.
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5 days ago by dancall
CES 2019: A Show Report – Learning By Shipping
The reason for this dynamic is clear — integrating voice control is trivial once a product is connected to the internet and the company has some runtimes on AWS. Therein lies the problem. When something is trivial for products to do, they do it, whether it makes things much better or not.
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5 days ago by dancall
7 things to think about voice | TechCrunch
We’ve only ever assumed we talked to devices first. Do I really want to remember the command for turning on lights in the home and utter six words to make it happen? Do I want to always be asking. Assuming devices are select in when they speak first, it’s fun to see what happens when voice is proactive. Imagine the possibilities:

“Welcome home, would you like me to select evening lighting?”
“You’re running late for a meeting, should I order an Uber to take you there?”
“Your normal Citi Bike station has no bikes right now.”
“While it looks sunny now, it’s going to rain later.”
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5 days ago by dancall
France: 1.7m use smart speakers |
Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Homepod and JBL’s Link Series have found a place in the daily lives of French people, becoming the new personal assistant of more than 1.7 million users according to Médiamétrie.

With an average age of 39 years, users of smart speakers are younger than the average Internet user. They typically belong to higher socio-professional categories and live in a household of at least 3 people.
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8 days ago by dancall

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