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Anatomy of an AI System
Anatomy of an AI System
The Amazon Echo as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resources
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11 days ago by yhancik
Amazon's Alexa Hits 20,000 Devices |
Amazon has announced that Alexa now works with 20,000 devices — a fivefold increase in just eight months.
“Just this year, Alexa has sung Happy Birthday millions of times to customers, and she’s told over 100 million jokes,” said Amazon executive Daniel Rausch at Berlin’s IFA tech show this past weekend, according to CNET.
Rausch, Amazon’s vice president of smart home, explained that at the beginning of 2018, Alexa worked with just over 4,000 devices. The number of brands using Alexa also increased from 1,200 to over 3,500 during the same eight-month period.
Some of the devices Alexa now works with include the Huawei AI Cube smart speaker, Asus ZenBook laptops and Yale’s Sync home alarm system.
Rausch added that there are currently 50,000 Alexa skills, as well as hundreds of thousands of developers in over 180 countries working on Alexa. In June, Amazon announced that developers can start building voice experiences for customers in Italy and Spain.
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13 days ago by dancall
Low line level from Dot to (decent) powered speaker—Why? - Echo & Alexa - Devices - Amazon Digital and Device Forum
Hello Thinker, not sure if you ever solved this issue but I have had exactly the same problem with my new Dot. I failed to tell it line out thinking I would do it later and now maximum volume is really quiet through my speakers. They are good speakers so I dont think the problem is there. I'm thinking either the cable or the relinking the Dot and setting it for external speaker...
amazon  echo  audio  bug 
18 days ago by tinley
Dunkin' Donuts Supports Alexa Voice Ordering |
In a press release, Dunkin’ Donuts said the new integration of Alexa means DD Perks Rewards members can place a mobile order via voice on an Alexa-enabled device and skip the line to pick up. The company said customers who have a DD Perks account and an Amazon account can link them together in the Alexa app once they open the skill, with all ordering and payments happening within Dunkin’ Donuts’ mobile platform. When a customer places and submits an order through Amazon Alexa, they will be asked which location they want to pick up at and the time the order should be ready. They can also order via Alexa from their saved favorites. “Our integration with Amazon Alexa is our latest innovation to better serve members of our DD Perks program, which remains one of the fastest growing loyalty programs in the quick service restaurant industry, with nearly 8 million members,” Stephanie Meltzer-Paul, vice president of digital and loyalty marketing for Dunkin’ Donuts U.S., said in the press release. “As a brand, we are always looking for ways to fit seamlessly into our guests’ daily routines and provide new levels of convenience and speed.”
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20 days ago by dancall
The Rise of Chinese Voice Assistants And The Race To Commoditize Smart Speakers
Neither Amazon Echo nor Google Home have penetrated China.
Apart from the tight regulations US tech companies face there, Chinese natural language processing is complex (with 130 spoken dialects and 30 written languages), making speech recognition a huge challenge.
Among US big tech, only Apple’s Siri supports Mandarin on the iPhone. The company’s Homepod smart speaker only supports English, and is not available in China.
This leaves a huge market underserved by US companies, and local players are capitalizing on it.
Smart voice is one of the Chinese government’s four main focus areas in its first wave of AI applications throughout the country. (Read about its focus on healthcare, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles here.)
echo  apac  alibaba  stats  voice 
22 days ago by dancall
Priya Anand on Twitter: "There’s a lot of hype around voice shopping. But we got the internal Amazon numbers and only about 2% of Alexa users actually use it to buy stuff. Most of those people never do it again. oh and amazon has
There’s a lot of hype around voice shopping. But we got the internal Amazon numbers and only about 2% of Alexa users actually use it to buy stuff. Most of those people never do it again.
voice  echo  ecommerce  fail  stats 
27 days ago by dancall
Amazon Taps Yo-Yo Ma for a 36 Episode Alexa-Powered Music Series
Alongside a major advertising campaign for its Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited services, the company has just announced a new Alexa experience featuring the renowned cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.
Mr. Ma is the host for 36 short episodes for Alexa users, one that takes them on a journey through the classical compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach and the recently-released album, Six Evolutions — Bach: Cello Suites.  Amazon says the content will be available as an Alexa skill and the Classical Flash Briefing on any Alexa-enabled device.
amazon  echo  music  content 
28 days ago by dancall
Alexa-Cortana voice integration speaks its first words | Retail Dive
Bringing to market a collaboration that was first announced a year ago, the integration of Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana will be available to all U.S. users as part of a public preview releasing this week, according to a Microsoft blog post.
The preview will be limited and will not include features like streaming music, flash briefing and setting alarms, but additional skills and devices will be added to the integration over time. Consumers interested in participating in the early access preview will be asked to engage with new features and offer feedback which engineers will use to improve the collaboration between Alexa and Cortana.
voice  partnerships  gym  amazon  echo 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Study: Amazon's share of smart speaker shipments fell to 41% from 76% last year | Mobile Marketer
Amazon's global share of smart speaker shipments fell to 41% in Q2 2018 from 76% a year earlier, while Google boosted its share to 28% from 16% during the same periods, according to researcher Strategy Analytics. The firm estimated that device makers shipped nearly 12 million smart speakers in Q2 2018, about 8 million more than a year ago.​
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba came in third place with a 7% share for its smart speakers after introducing the Tmall Genie last year. Its AliGenie digital assistant powers the device with voice commands for news, music and other apps. Apple had a 5.9% share for its HomePod, which shipped in February after delays around the holidays.
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4 weeks ago by dancall

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