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Watch Out For the Billionaires' Compromise
They will tend to do everything they can to maintain what are euphemistically known as “business-friendly” or “pro-growth” elected officials, which in America means Republicans; when the pendulum swings left, they will attempt to do the next best thing: pull the Democratic party to the center, by discrediting the left and empowering “moderates.”

This is coming. Be ready.
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5 hours ago by inrgbwetrust
Americans Becoming More Pessimistic About the Economy
Americans' outlook for the economy has soured in the past two months, with 48% now saying economic conditions are worsening -- up from 45% in December and 36% in November.
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9 hours ago by JohnDrake
5 movies that explain the 2008 financial crisis - Vox
The causes and effects of the meltdown are still with us. These movies help explain why.
yesterday by thx1138

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