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Windows 10 will soon run Edge in a virtual machine to keep you safe | Ars Technica
"Microsoft has announced that the next major update to Windows 10 will run its Edge browser in a lightweight virtual machine. Running the update in a virtual machine will make exploiting the browser and attacking the operating system or compromising user data more challenging."

"The Edge browser already creates a secure sandbox for its processes, a technique that tries to limit the damage that can be done when malicious code runs within the browser."

"Credential Guard's virtual machine is very small and lightweight, running only a relatively simple process to manage credentials. Application Guard will go much further by running large parts of the Edge browser within a virtual machine."

"As with other VBS features, Application Guard will also only be available to users of Windows 10 Enterprise, with administrative control through group policies"
Edge  Windows  browser  cybersecurity 
14 hours ago by pierredv
What is new in Rails 6.0
List of everything new in Rails6. Kind of a running list of links, etc throughout the ecosystem.
rails  edge 
9 days ago by bradendouglass
Just said this exact thing earlier today.
Ready for the buzzwords - - bu…
serverless  iot  edge  blockchain  from twitter_favs
18 days ago by TomRaftery
Home | puppeteer-browser
Multiple Web browser controller based on Puppeteer API
puppeteer  chrome  firefox  edge  webdriver  devtools 
27 days ago by marek-saji
Fix: Microsoft Edge Can't Connect Securely to This Page on Windows 10 | Driver Talent
sounds promising, but didn't let me connect to self-signed Servergraph :-)
Microsoft  Edge  Can't  Connect  Securely  to  This  Page  Windows  10 
4 weeks ago by theskett

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