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The SOLIDWORKS Student Store - 3D CAD Software for Students ;;;
tags: The SOLIDWORKS Student Store - 3D CAD Software for Students | education educational school lic license ;;;
The  SOLIDWORKS  Student  Store  -  3D  CAD  Software  for  Students  |  education  educational  school  lic  license 
27 minutes ago by neerajsinghvns
Learn Anything
Learn Anything is the platform for knowledge discovery that helps you understand any topic through the most efficient paths, as voted by the community. Each topic has an Interactive Map with nodes to other subtopics, external links and resources.

Or simply search for what you wish to learn.
Coding  Education  Resources  Learn  Reference  SysAdmin  Trainning  US  FREE  webserver  Top1 
44 minutes ago by abetancort
Everything You Need to Make Educational Videos...More or Less - YouTube ;;;
Tags: Everything You Need to Make Educational Videos...More or Less - YouTube | video HowTo Make and education ;;;
01:50; click on the title to skip to that part of the video
Everything  You  Need  to  Make  Educational  Videos...More  or  Less  -  YouTube  |  video  HowTo  and  education 
4 hours ago by neerajsinghvns
Former social mobility chief condemns government record | Society | The Guardian
Former social mobility chief condemns government record
Alan Milburn says ministers lack ability and willingness to deliver on ‘crunch issue for our country’
UK  social  income  mobility  inequality  poverty  trap  Super  Rich  1%  London  No  Representation  BAME  Brexit  postcode  lottery  education  policy  Austerity 
5 hours ago by asterisk2a
Zorin OS
Approaches the goal to become the most easy Linux distribution for beginners switching from Windows and macOS. This by maintaining a clear focus on simplicity. Offers a specific education edition.

Startupinthecloud  Linux  Technology  Education  Software 
5 hours ago by eocas
Articles: Why Discrete Math Is Important - Art of Problem Solving
Discrete math is fun.
Many students, especially bright and motivated students, find algebra, geometry, and even calculus dull and uninspiring. Rarely is this the case with most discrete math topics. When we ask students what their favorite topic is, most respond either "combinatorics" or "number theory." (When we ask them what their least favorite topic is, the overwhelming response is "geometry.") Simply put, most students find discrete math more fun than algebra or geometry.

We strongly recommend that, before students proceed beyond geometry, they invest some time learning elementary discrete math, in particular counting & probability and number theory. Students can start studying discrete math - for example, our books Introduction to Counting & Probability and Introduction to Number Theory - with very little algebra background.
education  math 
7 hours ago by sh
Is there a tension between creativity and accuracy? | Michael Nielsen
“gifted with the special capability of making many mistakes, mostly in the right direction”
creativity  science  teaching  learning  education  failure 
8 hours ago by grantpotter

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