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RT : Cindy Cohn y'all. "Being a genius doesn't excuse being an asshole."
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8 days ago by kevinmarks
"The first time I heard the word 'interface' used as a noun, I nearly swooned." - William Gibson
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8 days ago by daisyk
EFF's DEF CON 27 T-Shirt Puzzle | Electronic Frontier Foundation
At Hacker Summer Camp 2019, EFF unveiled our 10th-annual limited edition member shirt—available only during the three-day event, and inspired by the DEF CON theme of Technology’s Promise: “a break from the dystopian imagery into a major-key, blue-sky thoughtscape, full of color and light...a future where we have tamed some of the more intractable problems that plague us in the present, where technology supports and inspires instead of controlling and surveilling.” We took cues from the DEF CON 27 Theme Guide, an illustrated ePub detailing thought exercises, media that inspired the theme, and color/style breakdowns. The theme was heavily influenced by the French comic artist Moebius’ piece entitled Alice, a piece that envisions “a future where tech lives up to our highest hopes.”
Shirt Design
EFF’s shirt design is an homage to Moebius, including artwork of a user in a digital future where the downsides of technology have been overcome. She's got a flying machine that is so efficient that it doesn't require her attention; she's got a vintage laptop from the early 21st century that still works thanks to the interoperability of her systems; she can communicate freely, using archaic Morse code, thanks to strong encryption on all of her devices; and of course, she has the ability to change her hair color at will.
As in previous years, we’ve included a secret puzzle built into the design of our exclusive member shirt as a special thanks for the clever, curious EFFers who support our work. Read on for a breakdown of the puzzle design and a walkthrough of the puzzle elements. Or, try to solve it yourself! The puzzle can be found at and will be available through September 30th. After the 30th, the puzzle can be found on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.
EFF  t-shirt  security  privacy  encryption  hack  puzzle  math 
14 days ago by rgl7194
Tracking, blocking, and safeguarding with Bennett Cyphers from Privacy Badger | 1Password
A brand new video in our Essentials of Business Security series is now live! This time, Cat talks with Bennett Cyphers from Privacy Badger about tracking, blocking extensions, and what you can do to safeguard your data while browsing the Internet.
Created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Privacy Badger is a browser extension designed to block advertisers and other third-party trackers from monitoring your web activity. It works in the background while you browse, automatically analyzing and blocking any code that seems to track you across multiple websites.
Ad companies like Google and Facebook not only track you on their pages; they also use invisible pixels and cookies to follow your journey across the Internet.
While we know it’s not realistic for most people to quit Google and Facebook altogether, here are five other things you can do to protect your privacy online.
privacy  browser  plugins  security  tracking  adblock  EFF  firefox  google  search  messaging  encryption 
4 weeks ago by rgl7194
Schneier on Security
I am a public-interest technologist, working at the intersection of security, technology, and people. I've been writing about security issues on my blog since 2004, and in my monthly newsletter since 1998. I'm a fellow and lecturer at Harvard's Kennedy School and a board member of EFF. This personal website expresses the opinions of neither of those organizations.
security  blog  technology  EFF  activism  encoding 
7 weeks ago by gwippich
A quick and simple cryptographically secure script to generate high entropy passphrases using EFF's wordlists
Software which makes generates passwords using EFF's wordlists. The EFF's wordlists are interesting in themselves. They improve on the diceware lists.
!B-🌺-free/libre-and-open-source-software  passwords  information-security  diceware  eff 
7 weeks ago by beyondseven
Your Fourth Amendment Rights Should Not be Limited by Terms of Service | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Last week, we filed an amicus brief in U.S. v. Wilson, a federal appellate case, in which we argued that email providers’ terms of service can’t limit your Fourth Amendment rights. This is the second brief we’ve filed in less than a year addressing this important point.
Email and other electronic communications can contain highly personal, intimate details of our lives. As one court noted, through emails, “[l]overs exchange sweet nothings, and businessmen swap ambitious plans, all with the click of a mouse button.” In an age where almost all of us now communicate via email, text, or some other messaging service, electronic communications are effectively no different from letters, which the Supreme Court held were protected by the Fourth Amendment way back in 1878.
At this point, almost all courts that have squarely addressed the issue have held the Fourth Amendment protects electronic communications from warrantless searches—even if you store your email with a third party service provider. And last summer, all nine justices on the Supreme Court agreed with this premise in United States v. Carpenter. However, in Wilson, the district court added a new wrinkle. It reasoned that the Fourth Amendment no longer applies once an email user violates a provider’s terms of service (TOS).
email  legal  gov2.0  google  EFF  digital_rights 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Interoperability: Fix the Internet, Not the Tech Companies | Electronic Frontier Foundation
A nice explanation of the downstream advantages of interoperability. I'm not as clear on the distinctions between indifferent, cooperative and adversarial, but it's true that implementations of standards can allow interoperability that either is or isn't desired by some of the parties and that companies may be incentivized to interfere with interoperability in some cases, while in others they more actively work on it together.
standards  interoperability  tech  eff  via:mastodon 
10 weeks ago by npdoty

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