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Radio Ads by Ari Herzog
Two radio spots I recorded for State Rep campaign in 2014
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4 weeks ago by ariherzog
Power Causes Brain Damage - The Atlantic
"If power were a prescription drug, it would come with a long list of known side effects. It can intoxicate. It can corrupt. It can even make Henry Kissinger believe that he’s sexually magnetic. But can it cause brain damage?
"... Obhi studies brains. And when he put the heads of the powerful and the not-so-powerful under a transcranial-magnetic-stimulation machine, he found that power, in fact, impairs a specific neural process, “mirroring,” that may be a cornerstone of empathy.
"Is there nothing to be done?

No and yes. It’s difficult to stop power’s tendency to affect your brain. What’s easier—from time to time, at least—is to stop feeling powerful.
"Insofar as it affects the way we think, power, Keltner reminded me, is not a post or a position but a mental state. Recount a time you did not feel powerful, his experiments suggest, and your brain can commune with reality. ... CEOs who as children had lived through a natural disaster that produced significant fatalities were much less risk-seeking than CEOs who hadn’t. ... CEOs who had lived through disasters without significant fatalities were more risk-seeking."
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5 weeks ago by Tonti
+ mental problems impact millions, daily. Especially in the community. Don’t let your
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8 weeks ago by Holmete

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