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Fourth Wall Studios [Wired]
I think you can make an argument that the actual nature of storytelling has changed five times in human history. Around a campfire, the origin of drama with the Greeks, the invention of the printing press, the motion picture camera and now. How incredibly lucky was I? I just happened to be the guy who walked through the door marked No. 5.
-- Sean Stewart
transmediastorytelling  nonARG  seanstewart  elanlee 
october 2012 by ouroboros
Eagle Eye :: Free Fall
the world's first ten-minute single player ARG (also useful as an example of a series of "sharing" icons at the bottom)
gaming  arg  games  gamedev  socialmedia  sharing  wxxi  elanlee 
january 2009 by mamamusings
Elan Lee on Designing Magnets: Connecting with Audiences in the Wired Age [Cory Doctorow's notes from Etech, March 4, 2008]
"This talk will look at Elan Lee’s experience in creating Alternate Reality Games, breaking them down into their component pieces, and exploring the vital audience connections formed in each project."
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march 2008 by robertogreco - Elan Lee's Alternate Reality
An interview with the designer of alternate reality games such as I Love Bees (for Halo 2) and The Beast (for Spielberg's AI).
ARG  alternaterealitygames  gaming  interviews  gamedesign  ElanLee  play 
february 2007 by kaeru - Elan Lee's Alternate Reality
I said, what I want is, after you visit this website, your car only drives in reverse and none of your friends remember your name and suddenly your mom doesn’t speak English. And they kind of gave me this blank look and I said, yeah, I’ll settle for a
arg  games  gaming  interview  elanlee  42entertainment 
december 2006 by losowsky

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