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A lesson in the ruthlessness of the British ruling class
“The neo-liberal consensus was wrong,” he said, admittedly somewhat belatedly. This consensus was the bedrock of New Labour’s politics.
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3 days ago by markhgn
These Amazon workers love Sanders even if he trash-talks their company | KUOW
When it comes to campaign contributions, Amazonians have a surprising pick among Democrats running for president: Bernie Sanders. Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW, is quoted.
KUOW  regl  !UWitM  2020  Department:History  College:Arts&Sciences  election  politics  O'Mara.Margaret 
4 days ago by uwnews
Senate GOP vs election security
Once again the Republicans stop any forward progress on securing our elections. Why would Trump's party be so against election security?
trump  politics  republicans  election  voting  votingrights 
5 days ago by nelson
An Unsettling New Theory: There Is No Swing Voter - POLITICO
What if there aren’t really American swing voters—or not enough, anyway, to pick the next president? What if it doesn’t matter much who the Democratic nominee is? What if there is no such thing as “the center,” and the party in power can govern however it wants for two years, because the results of that first midterm are going to be bad regardless? What if the Democrats' big 41-seat midterm victory in 2018 didn’t happen because candidates focused on health care and kitchen-table issues, but simply because they were running against the party in the White House? What if the outcome in 2020 is pretty much foreordained, too?

To the political scientist Rachel Bitecofer, all of that is almost certainly true, and that has made her one of the most intriguing new figures in political forecasting this year.

And today her model tells her the Democrats are a near lock for the presidency in 2020, and are likely to gain House seats and have a decent shot at retaking the Senate. If she’s right, we are now in a post-economy, post-incumbency, post record-while-in-office era of politics. Her analysis, as Bitecofer puts it with characteristic immodesty, amounts to nothing less than “flipping giant paradigms of electoral theory upside down.”

Bitecofer’s theory, when you boil it down, is that modern American elections are rarely shaped by voters changing their minds, but rather by shifts in who decides to vote in the first place. To her critics, she’s an extreme apostle of the old saw that “turnout explains everything,” taking a long victory lap after getting lucky one time.
politics  election 
7 days ago by oripsolob
James Carville is “scared to death” about whether Sanders and others can beat Trump - Vox
The purpose of a political party is to acquire power. All right? Without power, nothing matters.

Sean Illing
What’s the answer?

James Carville
By framing, repeating, and delivering a coherent, meaningful message that is relevant to people’s lives and having the political skill not to be sucked into every rabbit hole that somebody puts in front of you.

The Democratic Party is the party of African Americans. It’s becoming a party of educated suburbanites, particularly women. It’s the party of Latinos. We’re a party of immigrants. Most of the people aren’t into all this distracting shit about open borders and letting prisoners vote. They don’t care. They have lives to lead. They have kids. They have parents that are sick. That’s what we have to talk about. That’s all we should talk about.

It’s not that this stuff doesn’t matter. And it’s not that we shouldn’t talk about race. We have to talk about race. It’s about how you deliver and frame the message. I thought Cory Booker’s “baby bonds” plan was great and the kind of thing the party could connect to people’s actual lives.

We have one moral imperative here, and that’s beating Trump. Nothing else matters.
politics  election 
7 days ago by oripsolob

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