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Mechanism of the entire overdischarge process and overdischarge-induced internal short circuit in lithium-ion batteries | Scientific Reports
Lithium-ion batteries connected in series are prone to be overdischarged. Overdischarge results in various side effects, such as capacity degradation and internal short circuit (ISCr). However, most of previous research on the overdischarge of a cell was terminated when the cell voltage dropped to 0 V, leaving the further impacts of overdischarge unclear. This paper investigates the entire overdischarge process of large-format lithium-ion batteries by discharging the cell to −100% state of charge (SOC). A significant voltage platform is observed at approximately −12% SOC, and ISCr is detected after the cell is overdischarged when passing the platform. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) results indicate that the overdischarge-induced ISCr is caused by Cu deposition on electrodes, suggesting possible Cu collector dissolution at the voltage platform near −12% SOC. A prognostic/mechanistic model considering ISCr is used to evaluate the resistance of ISCr (RISCr), the value of which decreases sharply at the beginning of ISCr formation. Inducing the ISCr by overdischarge is effective and well controlled without any mechanical deformation or the use of a foreign substance.
13 minutes ago by whitequark
Filter-Free™ Class-D Audio Amplifiers
Traditional Class-D amplifiers lose efficiency if they do not use output LC filters. Texas Instruments offers
many Class-D amplifiers that are designated Filter-Free™. This means they do not require an output LC
filter to maintain high efficiency. However, in some cases an LC or ferrite bead filter is required for EMC.
15 minutes ago by whitequark
How to get your keyboard's stabs to stay quiet.
cool  diy  electronics  keyboard  mechanical 
4 hours ago by bcat
Turn Touch — Wooden Smart Home Remote
Wooden control for smart home devices. Very cool. All open source if you don't want to buy.
electronics  hardware  remote  control  smart_home  open_source 
11 hours ago by brentfarwick

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