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A free, interactive book for electronics hobbyists and electrical engineering students: Practical Circuit Design and Analysis.
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yesterday by lenciel
It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Paperwork is Done: Test Driving TiddlyWiki
Working on projects is fun. Documenting them is often not so much. However, if you want anyone to duplicate your work — or even just want to remember what you were doing a few years ago when something needs upgrading or repairing
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yesterday by spencerksmith
(2) Soldering Tutorial for Beginners: Five Easy Steps - YouTube
1. Heat to 350c
2. hold in helping hand 'arm' (or tape)
3. clean tip of iron on wet sponge
4. apply iron to one side, feed solder from the other

don't put a blob on the iron
don't grab joint while it's hot
ensure parts are properly mounted
yesterday by jojobong

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