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Elixir learning: Pretty URLs in Phoenix using names or slugs
This is the easiest way to make your Phoenix app use pretty URLs.

Instead of URLs like users/3, we'll set up this vanilla Phoenix app to have URLs like users/Jesse. The same technique will let you link to blog posts by title slug, instead of number, etc...
elixir  phoenixframework  prettyurls  slugs  201807 
11 hours ago by jakoubek
Nebo #15
via A dependency-free tool to run distributed transactions in Elixir, inspired by Sagas pattern ;;;
2 days ago by FTS
eproxus/tap: Recon wrapper for Elixir
Because Erlang's tracing is awesome and doing compile time debugging sucks! Tap enables tracing of Elixir and Erlang functions in a intuitive and safe way. Tap wraps the excellent Recon library, adding native Elixir formatting and macros for creating traces in an intuitive way.
elixir  devops  production  debugging  deployment  github  opensource 
2 days ago by dlkinney
ELIXIR: A MINI-DOCUMENTARY featuring was just released! it is awesome! 💜
elixir  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by briantrice

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