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Helpful: Adding Contextual Help to Emacs – Wilfred Hughes::Blog
The *Help* built-in to Emacs is already pretty good. Helpful goes a step further and includes lots of contextual info.
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8 hours ago by rootis0
An introduction to Magit, an Emacs mode for Git - Mastering Emacs
NOTE: This article is for version 1.x of Magit and not 2.x
git  magit  emacs 
13 hours ago by peterb
It’s Magit! And you’re the magician! · Endless Parentheses
Here are few Magit commands I use just about everyday.
emacs  magit  git 
14 hours ago by peterb
kaushalmodi comments on How do you select text efficiently?
I use a couple of different ways to select text:
expand-region (package available on Melpa)
C-SPC followed by usually C-p, C-n, M-b, M-f, C-a, C-e, C-M-b, C-M-f, M-{ or M-}
C-SPC followed by forward or reverse search (C-s/C-r)
C-x h - mark whole buffer
20 hours ago by elskwid
Emacs Font Locking | Sebastian Wiesner
Emacs has great facilities to add font locking (aka syntax highlighting) to a buffer in a mode. This series of posts about font locking aims to give an introduction into the different font locking techniques in Emacs, and shares what I discovered and learned while refactoring and improving font locking in Puppet Mode.
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yesterday by nxg

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