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A CEO's Guide to Emacs | Fugue
Once you grok Emacs, you realize that it's a thermonuclear toaster that can also serve as the engine for... well, just about anything you want to do with text. When you think about how much your computing life revolves around text, this is a rather bold statement. Bold, but true.
emacs  guide  workflow  editor 
19 hours ago by brunosabenca
The Org Manual: Agenda commands
When you get to the agenda view with C-c a a, these are the commands to use
org-mode  emacs 
20 hours ago by thcipriani
A Simple Modern Emacs Config - JC's Blog
Nice walkthorugh of simple emacs init file
emacs  init.el  dotfiles  config 
yesterday by mclearc
The Plain Person’s Guide to Plain Text Social Science
The Plain Person’s Guide to Plain Text Social Science
plain  text  emacs  markdown  writing  tools 
yesterday by rsbowman
My Emacs Writing Setup SciFi author Tony Ballantyne on emacs ;;;
yesterday by FTS

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