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An Emacs Blogging Workflow | Modern Emacs
Ideas here for automating build from within emacs
emacs  hugo 
yesterday by joncgoodwin
"A scroll wheel mapped to send a stream 'undo' and 'redo' events could be kind of cool."
In [yesterday's XKCD]( the hypertext describes binding undo and redo to the scroll wheel, so I decided to try it. I've used...
yesterday by coarsesand
How do I get emacs to stop adding "Custom" fields to the end of my .emacs file?
Every time I run the package manager, emacs wants to append the Custom fields to the end of my .emacs file. I don't want any Custom-derived...
yesterday by coarsesand
Emacs with X11 support? - Homebrew - Homebrew
I posted to the Homebrew forum asking if there is an X11 version of Emacs for Homebrew.
emacs  questions  me  homebrew  X11 
2 days ago by darkwater

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