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How to Quickly Exclude Original “CC” Recipients when Using “Reply All” in Outlook
When using “Reply All”, the responding email will also include the “CC” recipients of the original email in “CC” field. But, if you wish to exclude this type of recipient, you can use the method introduced this article.
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22 minutes ago by DataNumen
Net neutrality is bad? 1 million PornHub employees can’t be wrong. Oh, wait | Ars Technica
Millions of comments sent to FCC through bulk system used fake email addresses.
WASHINGTON, DC—If Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai actually allowed the weight of public comments on the FCC's proposed changes to network neutrality regulations to sway (or confirm) his position, he seems to have given more credence to the "opinions" of spam-generating software "bots" than actual citizens, researchers have found.
At the Shmoocon information security conference on Saturday, Leah Figueroa, lead data engineer at the data analytics software company Gravwell, presented a detailed analysis of the public comments submitted to the FCC regarding network neutrality. Applying filters to the more than 22 million comments submitted to the FCC, Figueroa and her team attempted to identify which comments were submitted by real US citizens—and which were generated by bulk-uploading bots.
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2 hours ago by rgl7194
Email Charter
We're drowning in email. And the many hours we spend on it are generating ever more work for our friends and colleagues. We can reverse this spiral only by mutual agreement.
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4 hours ago by trisparker
RT : Local businesses - if you're not already using as a channel, here's why you should give it a try:…
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5 hours ago by ormg
RT : Create online quizzes as a way to generate leads by requiring an address to get the results! Check out…
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7 hours ago by ormg
Exim Internet Mailer
Latest Version: 4.90

Exim LogoExim is a message transfer agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet. It is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence. In style it is similar to Smail 3, but its facilities are more general. There is a great deal of flexibility in the way mail can be routed, and there are extensive facilities for checking incoming mail. Exim can be installed in place of Sendmail, although the configuration of Exim is quite different.

All versions of Exim previous to version 4.90 are now obsolete. elease. The last 3.x release was 3.36. It is obsolete and should not be used.

The current version is 4.90

We fixed CVE-2017-16943 and CVE-2017-16944 with this release. To address these two CVEs, please update to 4.89.1 or simply disable the SMTP CHUNKING extension by using chunking_advertise_hosts = in the main configuration section.

There may be beta versions available from the ftp sites in the Testing directory. Many people are using these without problems, but they are not recommended unless you are willing to work with beta software.
Software  Email 
8 hours ago by wardell
HEML - Quickly craft clean, responsive emails
Quickly craft clean, responsive emails
HEML is an open source markup language for building responsive email. It gives you the native power of HTML without having to deal with all of the email quirks. HEML makes building emails as easy as building websites.
coding  markup  design  programming  tools  html-email  templates  email 
10 hours ago by rockbandit
Send your MailChimp newsletter to Facebook Messenger
MailPort connects your MailChimp mailing list to your Facebook Page, so your users can receive your mails directly within Messenger.
11 hours ago by cbotwell

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