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API to create employee in oracle apps R12
API to create employee in oracle apps R12
API  to  create  employee  in  oracle  apps  R12 
12 days ago by teamseos7
Robots aren’t taking our jobs — they’re becoming our bosses - The Verge
Yeah, Amazon warehouse ops and the WorkSmart employee surveillance software make obvious the heinous abrogation of management of their responsibilities regarding the human condition.
AI  business  management  employee  surveillance  abuse  ethics  work  monitoring  software  automation 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Welcome! - Playbook
Questo è il posto in cui raccogliamo tutta la conoscenza elaborata negli anni, il nostro processo, il nostro playbook, le nostre regole per l’organizzazione del team e del lavoro. Più trasparenza = più autonomia = più leadership. Enjoy 😉
type:reference  employee  handbook  business-culture 
7 weeks ago by endorama
Online Computer Based Assessment Software - Computer Based Exam
The product is ideal for personnel testing solutions for Human Resource training and evaluation. Either you can use the library tests available free on various topics or generate your own content and assess the candidates.

Some target uses include annual employee assessment tests, written tests for trainee employees, seminar quizzes, etc.

The availability of mobile testing platforms enable candidates to give tests using tabs and smart phones of a various makes and operating systems.
Exam  software  assessment  testing  employee  quiz  simexams 
7 weeks ago by anandsoft
Konsileo CEO on the employer-employee relationship | Insurance Business
“A lot of energy has gone into examining the insurer-broker relationship and too many insurers, and probably too many brokers, think that’s the crux of the problem,” said Konsileo co-founder and CEO, John Warburton. “But the problem no-one addresses is the employer-employee relationship.
Pocket  employee  hr  management 
december 2019 by herewardshaw

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