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Hello my name is St�phanie - a talk on special characters and UX
No there’s no encoding issues in your browser. This is just one of the many strange ways some sites  misspell my name: St?phanie, Stêphanie or Stéphanie. This talk is about user experience and how encoding and database decisions about formats and characters can create an awful experience.
fridayfrontend  accessibility  encoding  characters  characterentities 
10 days ago by spaceninja
URL Encode and Decode - Online
This one will encode things like parentheses, which DuckDuckGo just leaves unescaped.
encoding  percentencoding  urlencode  webapp  webdevel  solution 
13 days ago by kme
Unicode programming, with examples
Seems to be a very thorough treatment of what Unicode is about. Really gets into the weeds. Good.
unicode  encoding  programming  glyph  grapheme 
16 days ago by brentfarwick
H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.
A high level walkthrough of the basics of video compression techniques used in MPEG, AVC/H.264, codecs.
encoding  algorithms 
27 days ago by nanoxd

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